how to activate the button to mute the sound of a tab?

If you use Google Chrome on a daily basis, you may know that it is possible to mute a tab in which media is playing. To do this, right-click on the noisy tab, recognizable by the icon representing a small speaker, then select the Mute the site sound option.

But there is also another way to silence a tab that is a little too expressive. Chrome indeed includes a hidden option, deactivated by default, which makes it easy to mute the sound of a tab by clicking directly on the icon representing the speaker, as it exists on competing browsers. Here is how to activate it.

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1. Go to Chrome Flags

Launch Chrome on your machine, and go to the page chrome://flags.

This page groups together all the experimental functions of the browser currently being tested by Google. While some functions end up being permanently integrated into future web browser updates, others are abandoned and disappear without further ado.

2. Find enable and flag

In the search field displayed at the top of the window type Tab audio muting UI control. The associated flag should automatically be highlighted. Then click on the drop-down menu Default and pass the parameter to Enabled.

3. Restart Chrome

The browser should automatically ask to be restarted. Then click on the button Relaunch to relaunch Chrome so that the changes made are taken into account.

Now, when you want to mute a tab where media is playing, click on the icon of a speaker displayed on it to mute it.

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