how to check if your car is affected

Reminder of Tesla Model S… we explain what it is and how to check if your car is affected!

The frunk (the front trunk) on a 2021 Model 3

Update of 04/21/2022:

The “Safety Gate” Commission finally withdrew this recall to better correct: it only concerns the Tesla Model S, and not the Tesla Model 3 as we wrote at the start. The reminder on the “Consumer reminder” site is still online on the date of the update of this article. This recall was announced in early 2022 in Europe.

Original article from 04/18/2022:

At the end of last week, the European Commission ordered the recall of Tesla cars produced since 2014. This recall on the Commission’s “Safety Gate” site was taken up in France by the government site “Rappel conso”, it concerns a problem precise :

At high speeds, air entering between the bonnet and the radiator grille causes vibrations in the bonnet. This can lead to stress fractures along the hood latch striker and its separation from the hood, causing the hood to pop open. This impedes the vision of drivers, which increases the risk of an accident.

Concretely, the air that infiltrates the car could end up in the opening of the hood at the level of the closing hook, the latter can then open in the middle of the journey because of the vibrations, obstructing the vision of the driver. If this failure occurs on a high-speed road, the risk of an accident is very high. A priorithe problem concerns older models, these are Model S produced before 2021.

Tesla Model S (2013)

Note that an old recall concerned a misalignment of the frunk latch (the front trunk), we are not talking about the same problem here.

How to check if his car is affected?

This recall covers the production years 2014-2021, you can check if your car is concerned thanks to the Tesla site by providing you with the VIN number on the Tesla site directly. We advise you to wait a few days before doing the manual check, while Tesla updates its database to properly identify the models linked to this specific problem.

Note that in the European Union, reminders do not have an expiration date.

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