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How to Install Google Play Store on Windows 11?

It is no longer a dream, but in this article, you are going to learn How to Install Google Play Store on Windows 11. Even though Microsoft introduced the Amazon App Store, but thanks to AdeltaX on GithubGenericName, who developed the WSAGASCRIPT tool that you can install Google Play Store on Windows 11.

Note: This tool is not officially introduced by Microsoft, so try it at your own risk.



Step 1. Enable App Developer Mode and Install WSL

You might have heard of developer mode, beta, or released edition of an open system, especially with Windows editions. However, there is also an option that is specific to the application and that is developer mode. By default in Windows 11, it is disabled. If you want to install the Google Play Store on Windows 11, you need to enable app developer mode.

  1. To activate it, search in the start menu search box for “developer mode”.
  2. Under Security and Privacy, you need to enable developer mode.
  3. Ignore the warning and enable developer mode.

Click on the images to zoom.

After enabling developer mode for apps, the next step is to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11. To install the WSL in Windows 11, run PowerShell as administrator, then type the following command and wait for it to be installed. .

wsl --install

That’s all for now, but if you want more information about the WSL, Linux Distros, you should read the following post.

Step 2. Install Android Subsystem for Linux and Configure Settings

To install Android Subsystem for Linux in Windows 11, you need to download the following files.

  1. WSA package
  2. kernel
  3. Some codes you will get further

After downloading the files, be sure to extract them wherever you want, but remember that at least 2 GB of storage is required for the Android Subsystem for Linux.

After extracting the WSA package, copy the downloaded Kernal and navigate to the WSA package directory > Tools and paste it. This way you will replace the pre-existing kernel.

Copy and Replace Kernal

It’s time to install the Android Subsystem for Linux, to install it run powershell as administrator. Next, copy the path to the WSA package directory that was just extracted a moment ago, into the PowerShell-like CD, then paste the path you just copied, and hit enter.

If you don’t know how to get the path, right click on the WSA package directory and choose copy as path, then paste into the powershell.

Navigate to the WSA package directory using PowerShell

Now you need to paste the following command in the Powershell and hit enter.

Add-AppxPackage -Register .AppxManifest.xml
Install Android Subsystem for Linux

After running the command, Android Subsystem for Linux will appear in the Start menu, click on it to configure the settings.

Click on the WSFA

To configure Windows Subsystem for Android settings, first enable developer mode.

Enable Developer Mode on WSFA

Then you need to click on the files to share the diagnostic data with its developer.

Share data

You can also see the firewall alert, also allow it. After that you will see the Google Play store is installed, click on it and wait for it to download the required files. This part will take some time.

Step 3. Fix Unable to connect to Google Play Store on Windows 11

The final arc solves the connection problem in the Google Play Store. For some users this will not happen but most of the time they face this problem. First you need to download the ADB, after downloading, extract it and move to C drive, and name the directory as ADBKit.

In the address bar, delete the address and type CMD.

Delete it and type CMD

In the cmd, type the following commands.

.adb.exe connect
.adb.exe shell

In the screenshot below, if you see, I used another IP address, in fact, it is the IP address of the Android subsystem for Linux. If you open it, under developer mode, you will see it. However, if you type the following IP address, it will also solve the problem.

Solve Google Play Store login issue

The rest is simple, click on the connection, enter your email, your password and you are on the google play store.

Login to Google Play Store


This is the easiest one that I have guided you to install google play store on Windows 11. Still, you can use WSA package method developer but it is a bit complicated. If the article is confusing, watch the video below.


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