How to know if a Google Chrome extension is safe to use

Since Chrome is the main Internet browser, it is normal that its extensions are widely used and rated by users. This requires that they are of high quality and that they do not endanger the browser.

Google has now found a way to ensure that a Chrome extension is safe to use. It is simple to assess and provides users with better security while ensuring that they are protected.

Google brings even more security

Chrome extensions are the guarantee that users can get even more out of the Google browser. They bring new features to Chrome, while further improving what this Internet browser offers users.

To give users even more security, Google has now prepared a novelty that can already be used. In the list of extensions it offers, there are now 2 markers, which are Google’s protection seal for Chrome extensions.

Browser protected with these news

To earn these badges, Chrome extensions must ensure that a set of information and rules are met. The first guarantees that all the rules and the design proposed by Google are respected and taken into account. It is also certain that it has been evaluated manually by Google teams.

Already the second seal of guarantee from Google manages to guarantee that the creator of the extension is who he claims to be. This confirmation is important for many services and websites, which thus guarantee the origin of the service they offer.

Chrome Browser Security Protected

Chrome forces you to follow the imposed rules

To earn this badge, extensions must also follow Google’s policies for Chrome. In this case, a greater control can be carried out by the search giant, which knows well who is the programmer and the creator, reacting if necessary.

These measures are already in place and guarantee very high security for Chrome extensions. Nevertheless, Google recommends users to pay close attention to what they install and only use their store, so that it is safe and secure.

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