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How to Manage Multiple Business Listings on Google

Google offers a free SEO service called Google Business Profile. It allows companies to increase their visibility, by defining the key information they want to appear in the search results that concern them. If you have several referenced establishments, it is possible to perform grouped actions on your Google Business Profile files.

Create a location group on Google Business Profile

To facilitate the simultaneous management of several establishments on Google Business Profile, the platform allows you to create groups of establishments. They bring together the different forms, and allow shared management of the forms. This feature is only accessible from the business listing manager. To create a group of establishments, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Google,
  • Connect to the business listing manager,
  • Make sure you have several business listings,
  • Click on the button Create a location group,
  • Select the records you want to group,
  • Assign a name to this group, then validate by clicking on OK.

Manage multiple Google Business Profiles simultaneously

Once the group of establishments has been created, you can make all your changes from the same common interface. All the records of a group are listed in the same tab, and it is possible to add, modify or delete establishments in the account. Google specifies that you can also add administrators who will have access to all of the group’s files as editors.

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Transfer primary ownership of a location group

When a business that has a Google Business Profile listing is sold or changes ownership, it is possible to transfer ownership of its listing so that buyers can update it. Indeed, it is impossible to recreate an already existing file. This feature is also available for location groups. To transfer the main ownership of several establishments, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Go to Google,
  • Connect to the business listing manager,
  • Make sure your location group is created,
  • Select the group you want to transfer via the options at the top left,
  • Click on Group Parameterthen on Manage users,
  • Add the person to whom you want to transfer ownership,
  • Select their role from the drop-down menu and choose Owner,
  • Validate by clicking on OK.

Google specifies that “Location groups/business accounts can have multiple owners, but only one primary owner. The primary owner has the same rights as other owners, but they cannot remove themselves from a location group/business account until they transfer primary ownership to another user”.

Delete a group of Google Business Profile listings

If you no longer want to use a Google Business Profile location group, you can delete it. The platform indicates that it is possible to individually delete the records of a group of establishments, but also to delete the entire group at once. To initiate the operation, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Google,
  • Connect to the business listing manager,
  • Select the group of establishments you want to delete via the options at the top left,
  • Click on Group Parameterthen on Delete group,
  • Validate by choosing To delete in the zone Delete a location group.

Please note that this deletion is irreversible, and if you wish to recreate the same group of establishments, you will have to start all over again.



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