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How To Redirect Microsoft Edge System Links To Google Chrome In Windows 11?

Over the years, Microsoft has been very insistent with Microsoft Edge over the years. It is true that Microsoft has worked hard to improve it but it does not give us the appearance of Google Chrome from Mozilla. Also, Changing the deaf browser in Windows 10 was much easier compared to Windows 11. In Windows 11, micorosft has accumulated a bit, but you can still change the default browser. There are other issues, particularly with the Start menu search field. Even if you change the default browser, the search engine and browser will be Mcirosoft Edge. So. Fear not because in this article, you will learn how to redirect links from Microsoft Edge system to Google Chrome in Windows 11, which includes changing the search engine in the Start menu search box.

Redirect links from Microsoft Edge system to Google Chrome in Windows 11

There are several methods you can use to redirect Microsoft Edge System links to Google Chrome in Windows 11. In this article, I will guide two of them.


1. Change Windows 11 Default Browser

Apparently every link which also includes HTML, PDFs, webg, SVG, xht and many more will be opened in Microsoft Edge. If you want to redirect everything, you need to change your computer’s default browser. To change the Windows 11 default browser, open Windows Settings (Ctrl+I) > Apps, Default apps.

Default apps

After opening the windows of the default applications, search for Microsoft Edge, any browser already installed on your PC. I will find Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge

To change the default browser and open them with your preferred browser, click on Microsoft Edge and choose the browser of your choice. Do the same with them.

Change Default Browser.jpg

Well, it is a way to redirect system links from Microsoft Edge to your desired browser.

2. Redirect links from Microsoft Edge system to Chrome on your Windows PC using MSEdgeRedirect tool

There are also ways, and among them is the MSEdge redirect tool.

To redirect links from Micorosft Edge system to Google Chrome, the first step is to Download the application. Once you are on the main Github page, in the right panel, click on releases.

Released version of the application

Scroll down download and download the latest version of the app.

Download Microsoft Edge redirect

After downloading the software, double-click on the setup to launch it. On the main page of the MSedge redirect page installer, decide whether you want to configure the settings as a service for a single user or for all users. Either way, I’ll go for service mode and also make sure to check the following boxes.

  • Start MSedge Redirect Service with Windows
  • Hide the MSedge redirect service from the icon bar.
Install MSEDGE Redirect.jpg

The app has options like redirecting PDFs from Microsoft Edge, replacing Bing with another search engine, and finally replacing weather app results.

If you want to configure PDF redirection, click on its box, a new explorer window will open where you must select that PDFs should be opened with this application.


Installation if completed.

Installed successfully

None of the methods I’ve previously guided change the search engine to Windows Search in the Start Menu. Let me show you an example, if I search you will see the result will open in Microsft edge in bing.

Change Windows 11 Start Menu Default Search to Google

Unfortunately, Microsoft pushes users to use their own products instead of using other products. Unfortunately, there is no option in the settings to change the search engine in search. But we can force it by using third party apps from open source communities.

The tool is called Edge Deflector.

Download Edge Deflector

After downloading, launch the step and click on install.

Install the edge deflector

After installing the apps, open the Windows Settings app > Apps > Default Settings > find an edge. You will see there are Microsoft Edge and Edge Deflector, click on it.

Search Edge

Now click on Microsoft Edge and change it to Edge Deflector.

Note: Sometimes you won’t see the Edge Deflector option, just restart your PC, you will be fine.

Change search engine in the Start menu


This was How to redirect links from Microsoft Edge system to Google Chrome in Windows 11, hope this helped you solve the problem.



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