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Hyundai Home launches its car to compete with Tesla on green energy

A new player has emerged in the hitherto uncompetitive niche”car manufacturers who also want to take over and electrify your home“. Experts had known for years that home electrification was the new fad, but they expected the big players to either build homes or batteries, or both.

Tesla, which is both a major battery maker and a maker of futuristic products, seemed like an obvious candidate. Likewise Kohler, which makes household goods, and Sonnen, which specializes in home electrification.

Hyundai? We didn’t see that coming. According to a press release on November 17, Hyundai Home, a hassle-free service to switch an owner’s home and car to the same clean electric power source, is now on the market.

The Korean manufacturer has partnered with electrification specialist Electrum to offer a complete off-grid solar charging and energy storage solution. The service appears to only be marketed in the US for nowbut its availability will likely be expanded if there are enough members.

Hyundai’s Home comes as no real surprise to those involved in the private energy storage movement. The automaker previewed the Home concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year and received strong feedback, as reported by the automaker itself.

A boon for consumers

However, not all engineering concepts become salable products within a year. Hyundai is serious. So far, Hyundai’s offering is analogous to other home electrification offerings: solar panels, internal battery, certified installers and 24/7 service. The biggest added value is the Hyundai name. Hyundai has a solid reputation for reliable, cheap and cheerful engineering and service. In comparison, if the Tesla has many qualities, reliability is not there.

Hyundai Home clearly sells the automaker’s reputation. The Hyundai Home Marketplace connects a user with an energy advisor and guarantees three different offers for the installation. Installers and maintenance professionals come from the Electrum partner’s network of certified technicians. The goal seems to be a personalized and complete electrification solution for each customer. So far, of course, Hyundai Home is only a concept, a website and a press release. That said, Hyundai has taken the electrification of its entire production line commendably seriously. Between the Home concept and its proposed Ioniq 6 EV, Hyundai could be the cheap and cheerful alternative to Tesla that forward-thinking users have been hoping for.



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