If you didn’t buy bitcoins in 2017, this mining system is your chance to catch up

+ 3880%!

This is the evolution of the Bitcoin price over the past 5 years.

Enough to make all those who hesitated to climb into the rocket in 2017 pale.

Since then, they have seen the price of Bitcoin take off without ever returning to “affordable” levels.

But today, a new mining system accessible even to neophytes could well give them an opportunity to catch up.

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In recent years, the competition between Bitcoin miners has become fierce

It is logical: their survival depends on their competitiveness compared to the average of the participants.

An inefficient miner will not make a profit, and he risks never recovering the costs incurred to acquire his ASICs.

Hence a tendency to professionalize by optimizing mainly on 2 aspects:

  • hardware: staying competitive means being the first to change a mining tool that is becoming obsolete
  • the cost of electricity: by setting up in geographical areas where energy is inexpensive

Suffice to say that this made mining inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

Participating in a race for performance that would make Aleksei Stakhanov pale is not possible when you spend 40 hours a week at work and want to keep some time to devote to your family.

Ultra-competitive mining: an open breach into which individuals could rush

Today the new generations of ASICs are no longer game changer compared to previous ones. Changing machines after a few months is not profitable, even if the technology has evolved.

There is therefore only one lever left: electricity tariffs.

This is where individuals have an advantage (and size!) Over most pros: they can recover the heat produced during mining.

And thus give a double use to their electricity consumption.

Meanwhile, pros concentrating on mining farms are doomed to treat that heat as waste if it’s not used onsite.

And pay a fee to evacuate it.

Here are some figures to better appreciate the potential of home mining:

  • Electricity accounts for an average of 37% of miners’ operating costs
  • 1W of electricity is transformed into 1W of heat by ASICs, but this heat is then wasted
  • Individuals need heat for their homes, to produce it they buy electricity at 17cts/kWh (i.e. on average 1000€/year for a 100m² house)
  • Others heat with oil or gas and also see their heating costs eat into their purchasing power.

Provided you have a system at home capable of recovering the heat produced during mining, the same electricity can be used to produce bitcoins and heat your home.

Which means that paying your heating bill earns you bitcoins!

No need to worry about the price of BTC when the pros constantly monitor it and have to unplug in the bear market because they are no longer profitable.

On your side, as long as you need heat (heating, hot water, swimming pool, etc.) you can mine and accumulate bitcoins which could well be valued at the long-awaited return of the bull market. .

In addition, the recycling of the heat produced constitutes a weighty argument in the face of pseudo-ecological discourse which does not fail to ignite the conversations in your favorite hairdressing salon.

Because you have no doubt heard it said, the Proof of Work it’s evil incarnate, especially for those who haven’t taken five minutes to grasp the concept.

This is also the question asked wiseMininga Nantes-based company specializing in the energy performance of buildings.

Bitcoiners from day one, its founders have been convinced that heat harvesting will soon be the norm in mining.

Such a substantial advantage cannot be abandoned indefinitely in such a competitive environment.

Today, the only reason why heat is still wasted is because no viable technical solution has been democratized.

But not for long…

Since last year, WiseMining offers the Sato™ boiler individuals looking for alternative solutions:

Discover Sato™: the boiler that mines Bitcoin at home

Sato™ is a boiler that installs upstream of your current boiler, mines bitcoins noiselessly and transfers the heat produced into your heating circuit.

By using it, you will participate in the next revolution (already underway) in the Bitcoin universe.

The one where mining at home is the new standard by allowing:

  • secure the network by increasing its decentralization
  • easily recover the heat generated

Enough to prove to crypto-skeptics that the lawsuit against Bitcoin on its energy consumption is baseless.

You only heard about Bitcoin very recently, and regret not having been able to invest sooner? Don’t miss the next opportunity.

Check now if your housing is compatible and if it can make you a smart and profitable miner: https://wisemining.typeform.com/chaudiere-sato

The Wise Mining team is at your disposal to make your project a reality and help you heat your home while mining Bitcoin
Do you have a question about the Sato™ boiler? The WiseMining team will be happy to answer you: https://twitter.com/wise_mining

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