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If you use Google Maps in your car, this new feature is for you!

News hardware If you use Google Maps in your car, this new feature is for you!

If you use your Android smartphone as a GPS, then the brand new Widget approaching from Google Maps is likely to interest you: we explain everything to you in this news.

Waze and Google Maps have outmoded the classic GPS box installed for a long time in the car. Since June 2010, Google Maps Navigation has been available in Europe on Android smartphones, and it is one of the favorite applications for motorists looking for the best route to get from point A to point B. Over time, the Mountain View company has expanded its service with new features to make it more usefulbut also to offer an increasingly accessible service, without having to do a lot of manipulation.

It’s around the cornera blog post published a few days ago on its site that Google announced the arrival of a new useful Widget within Google Maps for Android. This is called “Nearby Traffic” and, as this suggests, it focuses on highlighting road traffic in real time, where the smartphone user is.

But not just how: by installing the Widget on the home screen of your terminal, you have access to the information without having to open the Google Maps application. A quick glance at the device tells you when traffic is flowing (green line), slowing (orange line) or just broken (red line).

Google gives the user the ability to zoom in or zoom out in this small window present on the home screen of their smartphone, to have a quick visibility of the road traffic in the surroundings: this can in particular decide to leave the car in the garage to leave on foot or by bicycle, in the hope of going faster. It is also a good indicator to leave a little earlier in case of congested traffic.

This new Widget for Google Maps is just one example among more than 35 new features that Google is about to unveil in the coming weeks. A large number of the company’s Android applications should be affected by the ads: Gmail, Keep, Google Translate or Google Drive are among the services concerned, in addition to Google Maps, of course.

Google’s goal is to facilitate access to its various programs and above all allow users to take advantage of certain features without even having to open the associated application. The company will also make it easier to resize Widgets, which are sometimes too large and difficult to integrate into a custom interface. An initiative that goes in the same direction as Android 12 and its Material You interface. To see more and to use these Widgets, you will have to wait a few more weeks.



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