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If you want a Tesla key fob, it will now have to pay extra

The American manufacturer has confirmed that Model X and Model S buyers will no longer receive Tesla key fobs. Nevertheless, the firm of Elon Musk has indicated that it will always be possible to buy the keychain separately … for 175 dollars each.

Tesla has announced that new buyers of a Model X or Model S will no longer be delivered with the brand’s traditional key ring. Instead, new owners only receive a Tesla key card. For those who want to get a classic keychain, you will have to pay … 175 dollars, reports the InsideEVs site, July 10.

As a reminder, before this measure, Tesla offered its users three different types of keys:

  • the phone key, which uses the Tesla app as a remote key with Bluetooth.
  • The key card, which communicates with the vehicle via signals at short distances.
  • The key fob, which by pressing buttons allows you to lock, unlock or start the Tesla.

Effective July 1, all Model Xs and Model Ss now ship without the Tesla Key Fob. All of the brand’s models are affected by this new measure, the Model 3 and Y also being delivered without a key ring. To get the latter, you will have to go through the Tesla Store and pay the nice sum of 175 dollars.


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Although certainly hard to swallow for future customers of the brand founded by Elon Musk, this measure is not new. Indeed, all Model 3, launched for the first time in 2017, were initially sold without key rings in order to reduce costs.

However, in the face of criticism at the time, Tesla then reversed this decision by offering a key fob for the Model 3 via the Tesla Store in 2019. Elon Musk then confirmed that Tesla would provide all owners who would like “a normal key”.

The announcement comes as deliveries by US electric vehicle maker Tesla fell from the previous quarter for the first time in more than two years in the second quarter, held back in particular by the closure of its Chinese factory for several weeks. Elon Musk’s group delivered a total of 254,695 vehicles between April and June, details a press release published in early June. This is 27% more than over the same period in 2021 but 18% less than in the first quarter.

The shortage of components that affects the whole world particularly affects the manufacturer of high-tech cars. And significant delivery delays are accumulating for Elon Musk’s firm, with deliveries scheduled for 2023 for orders placed in June. As a result, Tesla shares have experienced a veritable descent into hell on the stock market since its historic high of 1,243 dollars in November 2021, with a price drop of more than 40% in early June.


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