In Autopilot mode, this Tesla Model Y takes a multimillion-dollar jet with it

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It is quite difficult to say precisely what happened in this video as it was released without additional information. But with the details provided in the comments and on the various forums dedicated to Tesla fans, we can come up with some hypotheses.

Indeed, when the Tesla appears in the field of the camera, we quickly realize that it does not stop despite the presence of a private jet a few meters away.

No, she takes it with her and even if all this happens at very low speed, she still makes the plane turn 90°. A plane worth several million dollars, we remind you.

But very quickly, three men also appear and none of them seem panicked. One is even holding a phone and that’s probably where the explanation lies.

Indeed, in the United States, the Tesla Model Y have an autonomous driving system allowing the car to reach its owner by locating his phone. This system is reserved for rare occasions and is still only in the Beta phase, we understand better why…

Not too much breakage

Fortunately, as we said, this incident took place at low speed. This avoided causing too much damage to the jet, but still, it’s still better to walk to your car than to have it come to you.

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