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in Europe, it’s black, or white

If you want to buy a Tesla Model Y that is not black or white, you will have to be patient: the copies produced in Germany are only available in these two shades.

Traditionally, premium car customers choose discreet shades. Black, gray, brown or white, but rarely blue or red. However, these are two colors that are present in the catalog of the Tesla Model Y. But those who want a little color in their life will have to be patient. If you go to the Tesla configurator, you will notice that delivery times for blue and red Model Ys are significantly longer than those painted black or white. And for good reason: these Model Y there would not come from Europe, but from China.

Chinese red Model Ys

Our German colleagues confirm that production problems in the German Tesla factory would force the manufacturer to produce only black (solid black) or white (multilayer pearly white) Model Ys. “Anyone who chooses red, blue or silver will be sourced from the Shanghai factory and will receive their vehicle in March 2023 at the earliest if they order this month, versus October 2022 if they choose black or silver. white”, says Automobilwoche. Why this difference? Quite simply because the red and blue versions come… from China! However, these extended deadlines only concern the Performance version (between March and May 2023). The only one, moreover, which seems to be produced for the moment in Germany since the Great Autonomy would still not come out of the assembly lines of Grunheide.

Published on 07/11/2022 Updated 07/11/2022



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