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In the United States, Tesla has found a new way to make money with its Superchargers

A US government statement reveals that Tesla intends to open its proprietary fast-charging network, Superchargers, to all electric vehicles in the United States and Canada. Enough to increase the revenues of the American manufacturer.

Source: Beat Jau via Unsplash

Tesla Superchargers have not been reserved for the brand’s vehicles since November 2021 in Europe, with a pilot program that has only grown since then. After the Netherlands, Norway, France, Germany and even Spain who participated, it is on the other side of the Atlantic that the manufacturer is preparing to offer its charging stations to other vehicles.

The White House reveals Tesla’s plans

If the pilot program to open up the Tesla network to other brands seems to be bearing fruit on the old continent, the problem in North America is a little different. Indeed, the Combo CCS 2 port of all electric vehicles in Europe is natively compatible with Tesla Superchargers, which have a Combo CCS 2 cable attached. In the United States and Canada, Teslas use a proprietary charging port, where the other vehicles sport a Combo CCS 1 port, incompatible with existing Superchargers.

Tesla Supercharger V3
A V3 Supercharger // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

If we are to believe the latest statement from the White House on the subject, this should soon change, with the deployment of the first Superchargers open to all on American soil:

Later this year, Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will allow non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers.

So, while some were anticipating Tesla making a charging adapter available to switch from the proprietary port to the Combo CCS 1 port, it seems that the manufacturer has instead chosen to deploy new charging stations equipped directly with a Combo CCS 1 cable. In Europe, the old Tesla Superchargers did not have a Combo CCS 2 cable in 2019 but only the proprietary connector. Elon Musk’s firm went into overdrive when the Tesla Model 3 was released to add a cable needed to charge its compact sedan on each Supercharger.

An adapter to charge American Teslas on other networks

Note that Tesla also plans to market an adapter in the United States allowing Tesla owners to charge their cars on other charging networks (including Electrify America or ChargePoint) by converting the proprietary port to a Combo CCS 1 connector.

The next few months will reveal to us the choice that will be made by Tesla on the way in which part of its charging network will be made available to other brands on the American continent, but this would be a new source of potential profit for the builder, who will no doubt be welcome.

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