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A superb interactive infographic – produced by the Mountain View firm – which makes us explore the history of the Google search engine, from its very first steps in 1996 to the present day…

Our Friday infographic is offered today, sorry, by Google itself and offers a little journey into the history of the company and therefore of the search engine in the form of an interactive infographic under the title: ” The Evolution of Google Search “.

We will therefore explore in this infographic the little history of the engine, since its creation in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page (and even 1996, the year when the domain name was registered), until 2022, through main features, accessible through several filters (pro, crisis situation, fun, secure search, video/audio, etc.). You can then scroll through it using the gray bar indicating the years at the bottom of the infographic (or by using your mouse wheel).

An interactive infographic that you can of course find on the official website which explains how the Mountain View firm’s search engine works:

Infographic: The (interactive) history of Google. Source: Google.

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