Investing in cryptoassets is on the rise

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According to a study by the consulting firm KPMG for Adan (Association for the development of digital assets) published at the beginning of the year, 8% of French people have already invested in cryptoassetswhether cryptocurrencies or NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on blockchain technology.

This figure has been put into perspective with the fact that according to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the number of French people with own shares is around 6.7%. Thus, more French people hold cryptos than live shares…

With some reservations, this therefore denotes a clear enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies, in particular for the most popular among them among current investors, the media bitcoin which stands out in the lead, followed by ether and bitcoin cash whose close name bitcoin would be enough to attract neophytes.

Of the 8% of crypto holders, nearly two-thirds passed the milestone less than three years ago, especially after the 2018 crash and during the 2020 lockdown. By the end of this year 2022 , 12% to 13% of French people could invest in cryptos.

The AMF legitimately calls for caution by stressing that this type of investment presents risks with regard to the volatility of certain cryptocurrencies, even if stablecoins minimize this risk.

To start investing in cryptos

Posing as the ” first european cryptobank “, the French platform Coinhouse was the first crypto player to be registered with the AMF as a digital asset service provider. It offers its customers a selection of cryptoassets from the most promising side.

There are different financial products such as the Crypto Book. It allows individuals – and businesses – to earn a guaranteed return at an annualized fixed rate of 5% (guaranteed for 3 months) for stablecoins. In this case, investors must initially place 15,000 USDT.

The Coinhouse platform has just completed a funding round with a significant fundraising of 40 million euros. In a press release, Coinhouse discusses the development of its crypto asset management activity with new products, facilitating payment in cryptocurrencies for individuals and businesses, or the famous Web 3.


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