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it clashed between Igor Tudor and Mauro Camoranesi

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The rumor spread on social networks before being confirmed in the media. Just a week after being inducted as assistant to Igor Tudor, Mauro Camoranesi gave up his apron and left Olympique de Marseille. His replacement has already been found, but his surprise departure surprised many. But no controversy according to the main interested party.

“Igor called me to help him at the start, while waiting to complete his staff”he told The Team from Italy. Officially, the 2006 world champion was therefore only there on an interim mission, in order to help a Tudor obliged to compose his staff in a hurry. But the former resident of Juventus would not have told us everything according to The Team.

Officially it was planned, but internally…

The daily tells us that if Camoranesi left hastily, it would be mainly because of his relations with Tudor. The newspaper explains that OM players would have witnessed some rather hot scenes in training. Relations between Tudor and Camoranesi are described as tense and the players were reportedly challenged by the way the Croatian spoke to the Italian.

Camoranesi would therefore have preferred to put an end to this collaboration as of now so as not to aggravate the situation further. What to sow doubt among the players. For his part, Tudor would have been offended by this departure. The Croatian would be disappointed as he reckons he reached out to a friend who had been without a club for over a year. Already under fire from critics due to a transfer window that was too quiet and the notable departure of Jorge Sampaoli, OM would have done well without this new controversy.



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