its tires could inflate themselves and automatically

Tesla has just obtained a patent for an innovative system, allowing the tires of its Semi to re-inflate themselves. A technology on which the brand has been working since 2018.

We have been waiting for a few years to finally see the Tesla Semi on the roads. And for good reason, the first announcement concerning the Californian brand’s electric truck dates back to 2017, although it was mentioned in 2016 during the presentation of the Master Plan by Elon Musk. Initially expected in 2019, the latter has finally given very little news since.

Admittedly, we have already seen it during road tests via stolen photos, but the brand has since communicated very little about it, contenting itself with announcing the postponement of the entry into production, scheduled for 2021 according to the latest news. At present, still nothing, but now the latter is nevertheless talking about him again, while waiting for his arrival on the road, as relayed by our colleagues fromElectrek.

Army Inspired

Unfortunately, this is not to give more information on its release date, which is still a big unknown. No, if the Tesla Semi resurfaces in the news, it is because it could be equipped with a completely innovative technology, for which the firm of Elon Musk has just obtained the patent.

Tesla Semi
Tesla Semi

And for good reason, the electric truck could benefit from a revolutionary system to automatically adjust tire pressure, without the intervention of a third party. A device already used by the army, allowing to modify the inflation in order to be able to adapt to road conditions and different terrains, such as asphalt or dirt.

An innovative system

Initially, this system works with air, routed directly to the tires via a fitting. However, the latter is not always waterproof, which can cause some leaks, making the device ineffective. Tesla engineers have therefore decided to revise it, in particular by adding a more efficient rotary seal.

For now, the Californian firm has not given more details on the exact operation of this device, which remains for the time being at the patent stage. It is then possible that it will not finally see the light of day, as is the case with many technologies developed and secured by manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

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