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Javier Soltero, Head of Google Workspace, Leaves


Javier Soltero is leaving Google Workspace, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian announced in an email to staff seen by Protocol on Wednesday. Soltero will step down effective July 15.

soltero confirmed his plans on Twittersaying: “I am proud of what we have achieved during this period and confident [sic] the Workspace team, its leaders and our strategy.

Soltero joined Google’s G-Suite team in 2019 after leaving Microsoft, where he led product strategy for Microsoft Office. Soltero became a Microsoft employee when the company acquired its messaging startup, Acompli, in 2014. From there, he rose through the ranks, rising from general manager of Outlook Mobile to group corporate vice president. of Office products.


Google then hired Soltero to try to run Microsoft’s playbook with what was once known as G-Suite as the company pushed further into the desktop productivity space. In his role as vice president and general manager, Soltero reported directly to Kurian and managed the company’s full suite of productivity and collaboration tools, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Slides and Meet.

In October 2020, just a year after Soltero joined Google, the company rebranded its suite as Google Workspace. Then, in February of this year, Google launched a free professional version of Workspace, aimed at capturing small businesses and teams within large enterprises.

Both moves were part of Google Cloud’s overall strategy to increase consumer and business adoption of its productivity suite. Under Soltero’s leadership, it happened: Google Workspace’s monthly active users grew by more than 50% over the past three years, according to Kurian’s email.

Aparna Pappu, who is currently Workspace’s vice president of engineering, will assume the role of general manager of Google Workspace after Soltero’s departure, Kurian said in the email.

“After such an intense sprint, it’s time for me to take a break before understanding what will come next”, Soltero said on Twitter. “I am an entrepreneur at heart and I want to take the time to explore new things to build. »

This story has been updated with additional information that became available after it was published.


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