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Jobs In Google: How To Get A Job In Google

A few days ago we published an article about how to get a job at microsoft. Because a reader, via his comment, asked us to attribute a similar article on how to get a job on Google, we are posting it here.

Before knowing how to get a job at Google, you, as a student, must know the difference between the company and the various KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) centers that work with it. Since both will display and use the Google logo and name, you need to make sure you’re applying for the right job in the right place. For example, if it’s a job for Google Adwords, it’s probably a KPO. The best method to ensure that you are applying to Google and not its partners is to search for Google jobs from the Google portal itself.


Jobs in Google for Students

On their portal explaining the hiring process, how it feels to work for Google, and other things, they have a link to explore jobs by region. I added the link towards the end of this article so you won’t land anywhere else. In addition, you should also be aware of sites and entities promising that you will be hired by Google and requiring an advance or deposit of money. There is no such company that will help you find a job at Google. The company has its own hiring rules, which I write about here.

IMPORTANT: Check the available positions on the Google website and don’t fall prey to false claims from third parties promising you a job at Google.

STEP 1: Find a suitable position

The first step is to check if there is an opening that suits you. From the Google website, explore jobs by region and see if you are interested in any of them. If a position is located in a different location from yours, analyze to see if it would be useful or feasible to move there.

You can analyze by getting an idea of ​​all the benefits you will get, learning about the culture and lifestyle of the place to see if you would be comfortable and able to adapt to it, etc. You can also consider how much it would cost to travel to that location – back and forth – so you can meet family and friends from time to time. And if the benefits are good enough to leave the comfort of living on your own!

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STEP 2: Apply to Google Jobs

Once you understand what you want to do at Google and are OK with relocating (if necessary), you should apply to Google for the position. The Google application process is completely online. Simply click on the APPLY NOW button to the right of the job description, and it will take you to a form where you will be asked to fill in your information: general, education and previous employment. It also offers a place to add a cover letter to your resume.

Apply to Google Part 2

Although the information you fill in the various fields is automatically integrated into a CV, you must upload a CV with a cover letter. Since your cover letter is the first point of contact with Google’s hiring team, make sure it states who you are and why you’re applying for the job. Therefore, the resume should be concise but include all relevant information to increase your chances of getting hired by Google. Some agencies offer help with creating resumes, but a creative, self-proclaimed resume has an edge over traditional resumes.

Start with a title that sums up all your skills and continues to provide your professional experience. Suppose you have no previous work experience. In this case, you can provide information about the projects you completed during your graduation and anything that you think will add brevity to your resume. Keep personal details to a minimum, as they will ask you for them in a phone interview or in person, only if they are interested.

This is the hardest part and therefore you should be able to impress recruiters on the first try. Google accepts new graduates with no previous job skills, provided you prove you are good and creative enough to meet the requirements. Also add some conviction to the cover letter for the application. I suggest creating resumes and cover letters offline. Check them for errors and brevity. Compare them with the LinkedIn profiles of some people working for Google, then refine them accordingly. Once you are satisfied, upload the resume and cover letter.

PS: The CV and cover letter parts are the most important to get into Google. Do not rush to complete the application form. Take some time and create the best CV and cover letter possible.

STEP 3: The telephone interview

If your CV can convince the Google recruiting team, a telephone interview is scheduled. You will be informed by e-mail or by local telephone call. The questions are mainly about what you wrote in the CV and cover letter. There is nothing to panic during this phase. Just be yourself and, at the same time, respect telephone etiquette. You will be called for a face-to-face interview if you complete this step.

STEP 4: In-person interview

There may be four to five people interviewing you. Again, you don’t have to worry. Worrying will spoil your effect on investigators. Just keep imagining or thinking about different things in case you wait so the brain doesn’t go into panic mode. You can also pick up a newspaper or magazine and start reading it until you are called.

According to Google, this phase is more about your problem-solving skills. They will check your skills by posing specific scenarios. Also expect direct questions about the job field you applied for. Just believe that everything is fine, and everything will be fine.

STEP 5: Finalize your employment with Google

It takes about two weeks before your job at Google is confirmed. Google says their hiring process allows them to consider the best candidates by comparing on an individual basis. This process takes a little time and hence the delay. If it’s been over two weeks and you haven’t heard from them, you can contact them to ask about your interview.

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Is it difficult to find a job at Google?

Google has high quality standards and receives many applications every year, which makes it difficult to get a job. According to INC, Google receives 2 million job applications a year, which makes it harder than getting into Harvard University. Even though Google hires thousands of people every year, it’s still achievable.

Preparing for a Google interview is the easy part. The hardest part is navigating the different interview processes, which can get really complicated. There are three main interview processes: the on-site interview, the telephone interview and the assessment center. Each approach has its own set of guidelines, which you must follow precisely to get hired.

Jobs in Google: 5 steps to get hired by Google



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