John Textor lied, a Bordeaux project bought Lyon!

Zapping Goal! soccer club OL, OM, LOSC – GOAL INFO! : Satriano (Stade Brestois) panics Ligue 1!

This is information verified by financial press releases and it is not likely to please OL supporters who are quick to believe in the beautiful John Textor fable. If he assured not to have requested a loan and to have bet on his own funds to buy back the shares of Pathé and IDG Capital, the American lied!

Indeed, as revealed by investigative journalist Romain Molina, John Textor indeed requested and obtained a letter of credit of €523 million granted by Cannae, the financial structure of Bill Foley, whose name has been put forward. during the press conference.

An obvious link with the Bordeaux of GACP

Owner of Botafogo and Molenbeek, John Textor has never been a multi-billionaire even if his two associates (Foley and Jamie Salter, the boss of Reebok) are. A model that reminds another of Romain Molina: “OL is therefore in the hands of financial acrobats headed by a new DaGrosa. If it works sportily, everything will be fine, but if it turns chocolate, be careful. More than the concern (not huge at the moment), it’s just that we still took people for idiots ”.

Hoping that if the Lyon DaGrosa fails, we will not be entitled with Foley and Salter to the King Street and Fortress in Bordeaux…

Textor, the DaGrosa from Lyon

Romain Molina made revelations about John Textor’s investment in OL… And if he denies it, the American borrowed a lot of money to get to Lyon. His lender: a certain Bill Foley, finance magnate.

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