John Textor presented at the OL Groupe board of directors

John Textor was chosen this Monday afternoon by the board of directors of OL Groupe. The new American investor has confirmed its future acquisition of a majority stake in the Lyon club, by buying the shares of Pathé and IDG, in addition to part of that of Jean-Michel Aulas. The American must also immediately invest €90 million to carry out a capital increase. His personal fortune is estimated at nearly $3 billion.

Aulas will remain CEO of the club for the next few years, for an unknown period. A press release from OL Groupe should fall in the evening. All the questions still pending should then be clarified on Tuesday afternoon, during a press conference in Lyon where John Textor will be officially presented.

Textor could give up taking stakes in FC Porto

The American could then confirm that he is giving up taking stakes in FC Porto, a club he had approached in recent weeks. Textor has been alone in the race for the recovery of OL since this weekend and the withdrawal of Foster Gillett. The latter, favorite of “JMA”, with whom he agreed, did not respect the deadlines imposed by Pathé in order to provide bank guarantees. His record took a hit on Thursday, during the previous OL Groupe CA.


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