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Questioned this Sunday by the RTS on the sidelines of his trial, Michel Platini settled his accounts with FIFA using particularly strong words.

Michel Platini on a crusade against FIFA

Prosecuted for an allegedly unfair payment of two million Swiss francs dating from 2011, the former president of UEFA, Michel Platini, appeared in recent days before the federal criminal court in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Swiss justice requested a year and eight months of suspended prison sentence against him pending the pronouncement of the judgment, on July 8.

FIFA and the Swiss justice system according to Platini

For his part, the 67-year-old retaliated and filed a complaint in France last April against his ex-right-hand man Gianni Infantino, now FIFA President, for active influence peddling. In 2015, when he was aiming for the presidency of the football governing body, it suspended Platini from all football-related activity, preventing him from running for office. Denouncing a plot, the Frenchman justified his fight this Sunday on the airwaves of RTS.

I am attacking two very strong organizations: Swiss justice and FIFA billions. It’s hard to fight them, but I still fight against them because I know there is a collusion and they did a lot of things between themselves. Humanly, you are in the fight, the battle. It’s something that pleases me and has always pleased me. I don’t give up, I won’t give up and I’ll go all the wayfirst promised the former leader before specifying his accusations. our business will not end here, because I think that there is a shameful system at FIFA level which does, but that, I understood it very late, that there is money to be elected, to give, and that there are all these commissions – ethics commission, TAS – which are the armed wing to protect itself. FIFA is held by an administration which has all the means to protect itself. It’s hard to beat them.

Platini admits defeat, but…

Despite his determination to succeed, the former number ten of the Blues admits that the damage has already been done and his career as a leader ruined. I lost, FIFA has already won. It’s been seven years since they took away any ambition I could possibly have had in world football. It’s finish. Seven years, it’s over, they won. Moreover, there is a man who worked in FIFA communications and who said: ‘anyway, we don’t care, even if there is nothing, because in seven years, professionally he will be dead’, confided Platoche. Even dead professionally, the winner of Euro 1984 is far from having surrendered against his former colleagues…

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