Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City): “I should have put five! »

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City, after the 5-1 victory at Wolverhampton, in the Premier League) “That was pretty cool! When you score four goals, it’s always special but I should have scored five, honestly (he found the post at the 89th). I think we played well, apart from a few counterattacks (from Wolverhampton) in the first period. We controlled the game very well. We could have scored even more and done that against Wolves, who are very solid defensively, it was impressive.

“I want to do everything to be champion! »

As soon as we have the opportunity, we must not hesitate to strike. My right foot is my best foot, but I’m never afraid to shoot with the left. Even if it doesn’t fit, it poses problems for the opponents, because they won’t be as close to the mark anymore and there will be opportunities for passing through. Now, above all, I want to do everything to be a champion! »


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