Kylian Mbappé announces his goals

Kylian Mbappé will be Parisian next season after his 3-year contract extension. The Frenchman, in an interview for BFM also revealed his personal and collective objectives for the coming seasons. With 170 goals in the Parisian jersey, KM7 obviously aims to exceed Edinson Cavani’s 200 goals:“I think it can go well, now it’s going to be something amazing if I manage to do it. If I continue like this, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t.”

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On a collective level, the objective is obviously to lift the first cup with big ears in the history of the club, but also to establish the national domination of PSG: “Of course the Champions League is a goal, it is the clear, displayed, announced goal. We don’t need to list any more adjectives, that’s what we want. Now, we know that there is a way, I think that it also goes back to achieving unanimity at the national level because in the last two years, we have not done it anymore”

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