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Latombe denounces “an attempt to smoke out”

The deputy (MoDem) has, according to our colleagues from La Tribune, “ sent two letters attacking S3ns, the cloud project between Google and Thales being part of the “trusted cloud” strategy. “If the project between Microsoft and Orange – called Blue – is also cited, “ his communication is less problematic “says Latombe.

The MP explains to our colleagues that he considers the communication from Thales “ misleading “, with some “ gray areas that require further investigation “.

The heart of the problem lies in the “premature” announcement by Thales and Google of “ the future availability of S3ns to, by their own admission, encourage customers to sign a contract for hosting services based on Google Cloud already, without the security guarantees and legal guarantees of SecNumCloud qualification “.

He adds that the French Thales “ plays on punctuation by putting periods between words “. The company thus speaks of The Cloud. Of confidence. For France (with a . between Cloud and From), while as a reminder the term “ trusted cloud » corresponds to offers certified SecNumCloud by ANSSI. The deputy denounces an attempt to smoke “.




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