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Ledger Live now supports trading with FTX

The Ledger Live application now offers the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies thanks to the FTX platform. This novelty combines the ease of use of a centralized platform with the security of a hardware wallet.

Ledger and FTX team up to deliver the best of both worlds

The famous French hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger now integrates FTX to its application. More specifically, the application has an interface for exchanging cryptocurrencies, which is in fact linked to exchange services :

As the video of this overview tweet shows, Ledger Live offers a new tab “swap“. This then allows login to your FTX account from the app.

Thus, this novelty avoids the manipulation of additional cryptocurrencies. It is not necessary to first send funds to a centralized platform and then repatriate them to your hardware wallet. Everything happens directly on the latter, which adds a significant layer of security. Beyond this security, it also saves time and transaction costs.

In total, FTX makes it possible to trade more than 120 different assets from Ledger Live and offers a combination of over 7,000 different pairs.

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An increasingly complete ecosystem

According to Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, the company secures 20% of the capitalization of cryptocurrencies and more than 5 million keys have already been sold. But far from being limited to the sole sale of hardware wallets, the company is in the process of creating a real ecosystem.

For example through its browser extension called Ledger Connect. For the moment, the latter is only available in beta on iOS with the Safari browser, but when it is officially released, it will offer more complete features than other extensions like MetaMask. For example, thanks to clear signature :

The advantage of this feature is that we see what we sign. This then avoids giving involuntary authorization to a fraudulent smart contract, capable of draining our funds. Initially, Ledger Connect will support Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) blockchains.

Regarding the Ledger Live catalog, the application also integrates other services in the “Discover“. It is thus possible to use services such as liquidity aggregators ParaSwap (PSP) and 1inch (1INCH), or the Alkemi Lending and Borrowing Protocol (ALK).

While the cryptocurrency universe can be complex for a newcomer, the notions of security can be even more difficult to assimilate. This is why initiatives such as these are necessary, in order to enable democratization in optimal comfortwithout newcomers risking a loss of their funds.

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Source: Ledger, Ledger Connect

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