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Lewandowski’s terrible training session with Bayern, his wife spills the beans on his future!

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An unusual session! Back in training with Bayern Munich today, Robert Lewandowski made up against bad luck with a good heart. Bild thus reveals the backstage of this particular training.

The Pole would have had an apathetic session. His body language would have clearly shown that he wanted to leave. First, he would have arrived late and then would have been the last to appear on the field. Last to start all the training exercises, he would have completed them but never with 100% commitment. He reportedly barely spoke with his teammates except for Leon Goretzka and Jamal Musiala.

Worse, he would not even have had a conversation with his coach, Julian Nagelsmann. When the coach reportedly gave his speech to the team, Lewandowski reportedly looked indifferent, stood on the sidelines, while often looking away. During the training match, placed in the A team, the native of Warsaw would not have scored. After his team lost, all the players on the losing team should have done push-ups as a kind of punishment, but he wouldn’t.

Lewandowski’s wife spills the beans!

In addition to the main interested party, it is also his wife who seems impatient at the idea of ​​packing her bags. In an Instagram story, Anna Lewandowska responded clearly to a user who asked her if her family was going to join Barcelona.

“I would like to know it too…” she wrote.

to summarize

Robert Lewandowski had a very special training session with Bayern Munich while his wife spilled the beans about his future. Indeed, she made it clear that her family wanted to move to Barcelona.



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