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LIVE – British GP: victory for Sainz after a crazy race

Leclerc: “I am very disappointed”

“We could (change the tyres) after I was asked to stay on track. Honestly, I am very disappointed, especially in the first part of the race. We will analyze that with the team”, coldly replied Leclerc at the microphone of Canal+ after its 4th place.

The results

1. Sainz

2. Perez

3. Hamilton (fastest lap)

4. Leclerc

5. Alonso


7. Verstappen


Zhou gives update after his scary crash

“I’m OK, everything is fine. The halo saved me today. Thank you all for your kind messages,” the pilot wrote on Twitter along with a photo of himself.


After a GP marked by Zhou’s crash, the race was won by Carlos Sainz, ahead of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton! This is his first victory in F1! Charles Leclerc is only 4th, Verstappen 7th after a totally crazy end of the race!

48/52: Hamilton passes Leclerc!

As Sainz and Perez take off, Leclerc and Hamilton continue their neck and neck and pass the Monegasque from the outside, before the Ferrari driver goes back in front. He is overtaken by Hamilton who takes off for the podium!

46/52: What an attack from Hamilton!

After an incredible duel between Perez and Leclerc, Hamilton took advantage and passed second, before Perez flew ahead of the Monegasque and the Briton! What madness !

44/52: Hamilton and Perez neck and neck

Good defense from Perez, who protects inside. In front, Sainz escapes in front of Leclerc, still struggling despite his hard tires and broken wing.

43/52: the safety car pulls away

Perez is very close to Hamilton and overtakes him, while Sainz overtakes Leclerc! It’s crazy !

41/52: “it’s going to be tough” for Leclerc

Always equipped with hard rubber, Leclerc believes that “it will be hard” to fight with Hamilton, Sainz and Perez, equipped with soft rubber. There are 11 rounds left.

39/52: problem for Ocon, Safety car!

Yellow flag after a problem with Esteban Ocon’s single-seater, which came to a standstill on the track. Safety car, while Hamilton and Sainz go to the pits! Leclerc is still on track with hard tires! The two pilots go out with red rubbers.

39/52: new fastest lap for Leclerc

The Monegasque has been chasing a win since the Australian GP. He could do a good job.

37/52: Ocon doubles Verstappen

Under the cheers of the public, Ocon overtook Verstappen and passed 8th. The world champion is not at his best this Sunday.

34/52: Hamilton pits

Hard rubber for Hamilton after a stoppage of more than 4 seconds, he came out three seconds behind Sainz, himself one second behind Leclerc.

Gasly on Zhou’s crash

“It was impressive. George got tight on the left and there was a big incident. It could have been more serious”, underlined the pilot Alpha Tauri at the microphone of Canal +.

32/52: Zhou left the medical center

The Chinese is declared fit and has left the medical center

31/52: Strange strategy for Ferrari

Sainz finally leaves past Leclerc, who must fill 18 seconds to get back on Hamilton.

30/52: Towards a 9th home victory for Hamilton

If all goes well, Hamilton could claim a 104th victory in F1.

28/52: Gasly retires

The withdrawals follow one another, with the return of Pierre Gasly to the pits. Charles Leclerc sets the fastest lap and gets closer to Sainz.

25/52: Hamilton leads GP

Leclerc pits for hard tires and comes out 3rd behind his teammate. Hamilton takes the lead to cheers from the crowd. It’s the first time this season.

A “frightening” accident for Russell

“First of all the most important thing is that Zhou is fine. It was a scary incident and all credit goes to the marshals and the medical team for their quick response. Obviously gutted to finish the race this way and I’m sorry for the team and the fans. Cheering on Lewis Hamilton from the pits,” the Mercedes driver wrote on Twitter.

22/52: Two seconds behind for Hamilton

The Briton chained the lap records and was only two seconds behind Leclerc.

21/52: Bottas retires

The disaster day continues for Alfa Romeo, with the abandonment of Bottas.

20/52: Sainz pit

Carlos Sainz pitted to put on hard rubber, Leclerc took the lead ahead of Hamilton and Sainz.

19/52: Leclerc “wasting time”

With a damaged wing, Charles Leclerc considers losing time, while Hamilton is gradually approaching.

17/52: Albon will be evacuated by helicopter

If Zhou’s condition appears to be stabilized, Albon will be evacuated by helicopter.

16/52: lap record for Hamilton

Still third, the Briton can play a big game this Sunday, even if he is more than 4 seconds behind Leclerc.

14/52: Still not going well for Verstappen

The world champion complains on the radio that something is wrong. “The car is broken,” he explains. We ask him to continue.

12/52: Verstappen dies!

Puncture for Verstappen at the front left, who sees Sainz go back to him! He came out 6th, while the Ferraris led the way ahead of Hamilton.

11/52: the two Alpha Tauri get in each other’s way

Hard blow for Gasly and Tsunoda, both in the points, who get in the way and come out of the top 10.

10/52: Verstappen capitalizes on Sainz error to take the lead

Big mistake by Sainz, who makes a straight! Verstappen took the lead in the race ahead of the two Ferraris of Sainz and Leclerc.

7/52: a second ahead for Sainz

Verstappen makes the effort to reposition himself up to Sainz. His DRS is on. Behind, Leclerc is off the hook two seconds behind the Dutchman.

6/52: Perez pits

Perez stops and returns to 17th and last in this GP. Carried by the crowd, Hamilton overtook Norris and is now 4th.

3/52: Perez’s wing is hit

On one of the many contacts with Leclerc, the Red Bull driver saw his spoiler damaged.

2/52: It’s hot!

Carlos Sainz struggles to defend his first place after a good start from Verstappen. The clashes multiply, it’s very hot!

2/52: here we go again in this GP

The drivers leave from the pits behind the safety car. It will be a standing start.

Russell on Canal+: “one of the most horrible crashes I’ve seen”

After his abandonment, George Russell was at the microphone of Canal +. “It’s one of the most horrific crashes I’ve seen. I hope no one is hurt in the public. I had no grip, we knew it was going to happen like that but not as strong. We paid the price for my poor qualification yesterday.”

The race will restart at 4:56 p.m.

The starting grid will be identical to the initial one, knowing that Russell, Zhou and Albon have logically abandoned. Sainz will be on pole ahead of Verstappen, even though the latter had overtaken him from the start.

Zhou’s car is evacuated

It is covered, in order to avoid seeing the big damage.

“No fractures” for Zhou

“There are no fractures. He is conscious at the medical center” for Zhou announces Valtteri Bottas on the radio.

Of note from Alex Albon is also at the medical center

The Williams driver is conscious.

Zhou went over the tires

On the first replays, we see that Russell was guilty of a gap. The Briton therefore hit Tsunoda, lost control and hit Zhou, whose single-seater ended up on the roof, before hitting the fence behind the tires.

Alfa Romeo gives news of Zhou

The Chinese pilot is conscious and currently on his way to the medical centre.

Protesters entered the runway

As feared, protesters stormed the Silverstone circuit as the race came to a halt due to a red flag following the crash involving several single-seaters.

Alfa Romeo says its driver is fine

According to Sky Sports, Alfa Romeo says its driver is doing well.

Zhou was pulled from his car

The medical services indicate that he is moving and that he is being transferred on a stretcher to the hospital.

We try to extract Zhou from his car

Taken in a very violent crash, Guanyu Zhou is trying to be extracted from his car.

2/52: the drivers return to the pits

Zhou’s car was put back on the wheels, as the drivers returned to the pits. The single-seaters of Russell and Tsunoda are in good shape.

1/52: It went very fast and very strong

Verstappen swallows Sainz raw while a huge crash involving Russell, Tsunoda and the Chinese Zhou occurs at the first corner. The Alfa Romeo driver saw his single-seater slide on the roof. Still no idle, proof that the crash was extremely violent.

Red flag!

Let’s go for the formation lap

The 20 single-seaters rev the engine before the big start.

The rain could disrupt the race

The sky is cloudy and rain could appear during the race. 52 laps of 5.891 km are on the program for this 10th GP of the season.

Hamilton asks the public not to whistle Verstappen

“We’re better than that. We don’t need that. No boos. We have such big fans and I don’t agree with the boos. I really appreciate the support I have here” , he said on Saturday after the qualifying session.

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The starting grid, with Ferrari and Red Bull in force

The French will start from afar, with Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) in 11th place, while Esteban Ocon (Alpine) will start 15th.

Hi there

Winner of the last two Grand Prix (Azerbaijan and Canada), Max Verstappen is aiming for the pass of three this Sunday on the Silverstone circuit. The reigning world champion will start on the front row, just behind Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), who signed his first career pole.

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