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LIVE – Mendy trial: “I’m not Brad Pitt”, Benjamin Mendy speaks for the first time

End of the day in court

Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer concludes on this theme. The day is over at the court in Chester. Everyone is sent home until Tuesday morning.

The judge explains to the Frenchman that he has no right to talk about the trial outside court, including with his lawyer, before letting him go. This Tuesday, Benjamin Mendy continues his speech at the helm.

Mendy learned things about life in prison

Benjamin Mendy continued what he learned during his time in prison.

“In prison, it was the first time I thought about what I could buy to eat every day,” said the defender. […] It taught me the value of money, because before I wanted something, I bought it.”

“I was sad to go to prison, but I also learned things there. Now I prefer to be alone than to invite people I don’t know to my house.”

Mendy had time to think in prison

Benjamin Mendy had time to reflect when you were in prison from August 2021 to January 2022.

“I thought about my whole life because I usually don’t have time for that. I was sitting there alone and all I had to do was think, the Frenchman assessed. I thought about how I felt about women, about the fear of losing my football and remember why I came to this country.”

Replay of Mendy’s speech

It resumes and the referee takes the opportunity to give a little advice that looks like a reprimand. Steven Everett explains to Benjamin Mendy that he should speak louder to be better heard by the members of the jury and thus overcome the difficulty of understanding him due to his accent.

Short break in the trial

Benjamin Mendy remains at the helm but referee Steven Everett announces a ten minute break. The judge also clarifies to the footballer that his lawyers have no legal right to speak to him during this break, and that he also has no right to speak to anyone about the case.

The defendant will then resume his testimony.

Mendy explains why his guests didn’t have their phones

“If you want to go to the after-party, you don’t use your phone,” Mendy said when asked by his lawyer why young women didn’t have their phones at his house. He assured them that he had clearly explained things to them, especially when he did not know the guests well.

The Frenchman clarified that it was also connected to the fact that certain footballers could be at his house during these evenings.

Benjamin Mendy on his relationship with women: “I’m not Brad Pitt”

“I started receiving lots of messages on Instagram,” said the Frenchman. He also explained that it was news to him. “The way I spoke to women was direct,” continued the 2018 world champion, who said he was clear with the young women he swapped with.

Women came to him “10 times more”, which Benjamin Mendy especially explained by the popularity of Manchester City. “I know I’m not Brad Pitt and I know women didn’t come to me because of the way I look,” the footballer continued.

And to continue: when a woman “told me no”, “I stopped”.

Benjamin describes how his “panic room” works

Benjamin Mendy’s speech continues. For now, his lawyer continues to ask questions about his life in Manchester. The Frenchman explained that he regularly receives friends at his house and feels very happy in Manchester.

Benjamin Mendy also describes the presence of several bedrooms and beds in his house. While clarifying that it happened to him not always to sleep in his own bed. The Skyblues defender also confirms a code was needed to access his “panic room” from the outside. Nevertheless, according to him, it was enough to turn the handle to leave the room from the inside.

This is an important point in the trial, as some complainants explained that they felt trapped in this space.

Mendy speaks for the first time in court

Timothy Cray, the prosecutor, therefore closed the prosecution to open the defense on Monday 7 November. In a dark suit, white shirt and black tie, Benjamin Mendy came forward shortly before 4pm to take the witness stand. He started by giving his identity standing before sitting down and answering questions from his lawyer about his origins, his football training and his family.

Benjamin Mendy begins his speech at the helm. The footballer answers in English, but is assisted by an interpreter if necessary. For the time being, the questions asked of the Frenchman are limited to recreating his life history and family plan until his life as a professional footballer. We are not yet in the details of his defense on the various charges.

“I can’t imagine” that Benjamin Mendy is guilty

We are today in the final moments of the prosecution at the trial of Benjamin Mendy. Before the start of the next few days of defense, usually this Tuesday.

The witness tells about the evening at Mendy’s house after an evening in a nightclub. On return at 4. The young woman claims they went to the pool and she “kissed” Mendy. Her story continues, she says that since that night she has returned to Mendy’s home three times and they had sex twice. The witness said she “can’t imagine” Benjamin Mendy is guilty of the charges against him.

“Some girls just want to be with footballers for their social media profiles”

New day for hearing in the trial of Benjamin Mendy in Chester, England. This morning I read a statement from an acquaintance of Benjamin Mendy, who has known the player for two years. This young woman, who met the former City man through a friend, assured the audience that she had “occasional” sexual relations with Mendy, but their relationship was “never exclusive or official”.

This young woman was present at Benjamin Mendy’s mansion during a barbecue in July 2021. This is when alleged victim number six accuses Mendy of raping her. Benjamin Mendy denies all the accusations. “Some girls just want to be with footballers for their social media profiles, I get on really well with Ben and his group,” she said.

Hello and welcome to this new week of the Mendy process.

A week which should see the end of the prosecution phase and therefore the word given to the defence. Today was the official date (on the announced schedule) for the defense to start, but it was not supposed to take place today due to the various adjournments that have occurred since the start of the trial.



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