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LIVE – OM-Marignane Gignac: Bakambu offers the opener

Another failed attempt for Payet (1-0)

Good free kick for OM from 20 meters. Payet takes care of it and hits over the wall. The ball flies to the right of the cage.

Bakambu opens the scoring!

1-0 for OM!

Dimitri Payet takes a corner on the right side. He sends the ball to the near post for Mattéo Guendouzi, who crosses a header. It’s on target, but Cédric Bakambu rushes in front of the line to push the ball into the back of the net.

Here we go again

Still 0-0 in this game.

Freshness break

It is 30°C in the Marseille region, so a cool break is welcome.

Payet does not find the skylight (0-0)

At the entrance to the zone of truth, Dimitri Payet finally shows up. Full axis, the playmaker gets on his right foot and tries a curled shot towards the top corner. It’s imprecise and it goes slightly over the top.

Abdallah tries his luck! (0-0)

Nice strike from Kassim Abdallah for Marignane! Near the right corner of the area, the former Marseillais exchanges a ball with one of his partners, then tries his luck, the Marseille defense having decided not to attack him. His shot, floating, does not pass far from the right window of Pau Lopez!

What an opportunity for Gerson! (0-0)

Nice movement from OM, first on the right with Lirola, then with Gerson who advances into the area full axis. The Brazilian plays a one-two with Kolasinac and finds himself unmarked to strike. But his strike, lacking precision, is countered at the last moment and goes out for a corner. Gerson could certainly do better.

Touré misses the target for OM! (0-0)

After a breakthrough, the giant defender extends his effort without the ball and finds himself in the opposing area. He inherits a ball and tries to frame a shot. But a defender catches him and puts him down, without committing a fault. The former Le Havre remains on the ground for a few seconds, before getting up.

Guendouzi close to the assist (0-0)

Lirola almost perfectly cut off a strong pass from Guendouzi in front of the Marignane goal, which, unsurprisingly, hardly exists in this meeting. A similar action at the first opportunity, which occurred a few minutes earlier.

A first chance for OM (0-0)

From the surface, Cédric Bakambu receives a low center which passes just in front of the cage. But the Congolese striker fails to resume. The ball is cleared for a corner.

OM are well with three central defenders (0-0)

Samuel Gigot is in the middle, Isaak Touré is on his left, Yakine Said M’Madi on his right.

Kassim Abdallah in the ranks of Marignane (0-0)

Passed by OM (2012-2014), the Comorian international Kassim Abdallah, 35, is a starter with Marignane.

The Eleven of Marignane: Boukhit, Abdallah, Kechmar, Quenabio, Bamba, Diampo, Nagui, Benhamza, Bazolo, Arslan, Diarra.

Let’s go !

The kick off is given by Bakambu and Payet, wearing the captain’s armband.

A little late in the program

The Marseillais have just come out of the locker room and take their place on the pitch.

The composition of OM unveiled with Gigot and Touré

OM’s first eleven fell. It would seem that Igor Tudor has concocted a system with three central defenders, with rookies Samuel Gigot and Isaak Touré, but also the young Yakine Said M’Madi. Sead Kolasinac and Pol Lirola are in charge of the sides. In the middle, Mattéo Guendouzi and Gerson are accompanied by Moroccan hopeful Oussama Targhalline. Dimitri Payet and Cédric Bakambu complete this team.

The composition of OM: Lopez – Gigot, Touré, Said M’Madi – Lirola, Targhalline, Guendouzi, Gerson, Kolasinac – Payet, Bakambu.

First game for Tudor

Appointed last week to replace Jorge Sampaoli, Igor Tudor will therefore lead his first (unofficial) match with OM. The 44-year-old coach will probably make his first tactical tests. In northern Italy, the Croatian had installed a three-man defense as the basis of a 3-4-2-1 system where everyone ran a lot, starting with the attackers, responsible for a very first pressing aggressive.

Welcome, kick off at 7 p.m.

Hello everyone, welcome to this live RMC Sport to follow the friendly match of Olympique de Marseille against Marignane-Gignac FC (National 2, fourth division). Kick-off is scheduled for 7 p.m.

This meeting can also be followed live on the antennas of RMC Story, RMC Sport 1, BFM Marseille and BFM Toulon.



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