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LIVE – World Cup: pressure on Denmark after a goal declared offside by Tunisia

It’s the break

The players of the meeting return to the dressing room for the break. The Tunisians quickly imposed a great rhythm on the Danes. Jebali thought he opened the scoring but he was offside. As the match progressed, the debates became more balanced. However, the Danes struggled to get past the Tunisian defence.

Talbi is ahead of everyone

Slightly out from the right but close to the surface, Denmark get a good free kick. Eriksen runs in and looks for a teammate’s header, but Talbi nods everyone.

Skov Olsen still blocked

Skov Olsen is still wanted on the right, but he is constantly hampered by Abdi, who tackles the Dane’s feet.

4 more minutes

There will be 4 minutes of extra time in this contested first act.

Delaney out with injury

First change with Delaney out. It is the striker Damsgaard who comes in.

Jebalis poked the ball!

Jebali still close to opening the scoring. In the area, he places a poked ball, which does not deceive Schmeichel. The striker appeared to be offside.

Laidouni gains power over Højbjerg

What a defense from Laidouni, who won power over Hojbjerg in the box. The latter calls for a penalty, but the referee gives the ball back to the Tunisians.

Good expectation from Meriah

We are looking for depth with the Danes, with for example Kristensen who is present on the right. But Meriah had expected.

Big attack from Laidouni

After a corner kick by Ben Slimane, Laidouni places a heavy shot off-centre to the left, which passes over the Danish frame.

Counter miss for Tunisia

Laidouni is slow to launch a counter after a good defense from Bronn on Maehle. The Tunisian midfielder ends up missing his forward pass.

The rhythm imposed by the Danes

The Danes begin to fold their game based on the rejected goal for the Tunisians. Gradually, Denmark approaches the surface of the Dahmen.

The corners are connected for Denmark

We are quietly building for Denmark. After a turn on the right, Talbi is forced to slow down the game. Another corner for the Danes, Eriksen sees his shot blocked.

Abdi wins against Skov Olsen

Abdi is still valuable in defence. Skov Olsen is about to play face-to-face with Dahmen, but the Tunisian comes back at the last minute to send the leather to the corner. This does nothing.

Delaney faces the Tunisian bloc

Skov Olsen shoots into the axis Delaney which is blocked by the opponent’s defence. The midfielder is forced to play at the back.

Skov Olsen close to placing a dangerous header

Interesting cross from the left side. Present in the axis, Skov Olsen is not far from being able to take the lead, but the ball eventually goes too far.

Kristensen sanctioned

For stepping on Laidouni’s foot, Kristensen gets the first yellow card of the match.

Goal disallowed for Tunisia

Jebali looks to open the scoring for Tunisia. Launched deep, the striker comes face to face with Schmeichel and wins his face to face. But the goalscorer was offside.

Kristensen gives the Tunisian defense a hard time

Kristensen’s power makes it difficult for Tunisian defenders who make the mistake close to their surface. The free kick will be taken from the right side.

It is shot by Skov Olsen, Skhiri escapes again to the corner.

Dangerous situation for the Danes

Great acceleration from Maehle on his left. He turns to a long center which finds the head of Abdi who clears for a corner.

Eriksen rather discreet

Presumed to be part of the selection, Eriksen touches small ball in this first act. It must be said that the playmaker has little opportunity to shine given the pace imposed by the Eagles of Carthage.

Good defense from Talbi

Finally, a Danish action with Skov Olsen on the right, who manages to give Kristensen. The latter is in a central position, but Talbi defends well and even avoids the corner.

Hojbjerg finally appears

Good recovery at the heart of Højbjerg’s game. It does not benefit the Danes, but it may have the advantage of slowing down the great pace that Tunisia has imposed.

Drager’s daring strike

Oh Drager’s distant attempt. The ball is deflected by Christensen and the leather passes right next to the Danish frame. This is the first concrete action of the meeting

The Danes are playing behind

Faced with the Tunisian intensity, Christensen is forced to play back against his goalkeeper. The approval of the latter file directly in contact for Tunisia.

Denmark is suffering

The Danes don’t really see the light of day in these first minutes. They are hampered by the physical intensity of the Tunisians and do not hold onto the ball as much.

Andersen intervenes in front of Msakni

Good through from Abdi on the left to Msakni who is well taken over by Andersen. However, the Eagles of Carthage quickly regain the leather.

Tunisia in the Danish zone

Tunisia gradually advances and begins to occupy the Danish zone. Especially via Laidouni, who makes contact. The Danish low block holds the shock for the moment.

Christensen intercepts a dangerous pass from Msakni

Msakni tries to create danger by wanting to find the depth. But it is beautifully cut by Christensen.

Already a corner for Denmark

First corner taken by Eriksen. He tries to find Delaney at the far post, but a Tunisian defender manages to clear.

Let’s go !

The start is whistled by referee César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos. It is the Danes who hire.

Space for hymns

In a stadium rich in animation, hymns resound. We begin with the song of the Danes.

Entry of players onto the pitch

Kick-off is only a matter of minutes. The two selections have just made their debut on the lawn at Uddannelsbyens Stadion.

The Tunisians set the mood

As expected, Tunisia’s supporters are loyal to the post and have even already started creating an atmosphere around the stadium. They even did it well before the last hour before kick-off.

A cruel stop for the Danes in 2018

To believe that Denmark and France are destined to cross each other. In 2018, the two selections had already met during the pools during a match that was quite unspectacular 0-0.

Enough, however, to win second place and reach the round of 16. But the Danes will no longer come because of Croatia, who knock them out of the WC. We had to wait for the penalty shootout to decide between the two countries.

In Qatar, the selection of Eriksen has the weapons to do much better than the 8th, and must show it against Tunisia.

A complicated final World Cup for Tunisia

During the last World Cup in Russia, Tunisia had not managed to overtake the pools. It must be said that the presence of Belgium and England did not leave many chances on paper for the Eagles of Carthage.

The Tunisians had still saved the honor with a 1-2 success against Panama.

A chance to pass the chickens to Tunisia?

Tunisian side, this is the opportunity to do much more than figuration in this competition, with players with good qualities like Wahbi Khazri, Hannibal Mejbri and Youssef Msakni to name a few.

If the Tunisians had failed during the quarter-finals of the CAN, they prepared well for the world with a final friendly won against Iran a few days ago. The Danes certainly seem more experienced on paper, but the Carthage Eagles have a real chance to reach at least one of the first two places in the standings.

For that, it will be necessary to overcome Denmark and show that the African selection can dream of landing in the final phase of the competition.

Denmark, a dangerous competitor for France

During the last EC 2020, the Danes had been impressive in the game, but had failed in the semi-final after a more than valiant journey, especially after the cardiac arrest on the Eriksen frame.

In Qatar, Christian Eriksen’s teammates have the opportunity to show that they can be a serious spoilsport in this World Cup. Especially since last September, the Danes had come to an end in France’s League of Nations, the last reigning world champion.

The composition of Denmark

Schmeichel – Maehle, Kjaer, Andersen, Christensen – Delaney, Hojbjerg – Kristensen, Eriksen, Skov Olsen, Dolberg

The composition of Tunisia with Msakni

Dahmen – Talbi, Meriah, Bronn – Drager, Abdi, Skhiri, Laidouni – Ben Slimene, Msakni, Jebali

Hello and welcome to this Group D match.

Attention shock, between the two most serious competitors of the Blues in this group D. First, Denmark, which has already beaten the French team twice this year, and which arrives at the World Cup in full confidence. Against Tunisia, who had ups and downs and, above all, a major warning without charge during their friendly against Brazil last September in Paris. Kick-off is scheduled for 14.00 on BeIN Sports, and the match can of course be followed live with commentary on the RMC Sport site and application.



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