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Lobbying: $35 million spent on Apple, Amazon, Meta and Google

Every year, the lobbying expenditures of tech companies increase. Thus, Cupertino, Amazon, Meta and Google spent $35.3 million so far since Jan. 1.

It must be said that the four companies are trying to fight against antitrust measures, investigations and ongoing bills aimed at diminishing their dominance in the market. In the second quarter of the year, they spent more than big pharma.

Even though Apple is still at the bottom of the tableit begins to follow the trend. She indeed spent $ 1.9 million last quarter, down from its record spending of $2.5 million in the first three months of the year. It must be said that it is faced with increasingly extensive investigations into its products (right to repair in particular) and services (App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, etc.). Above all that it defends itself against any abuse of a dominant position or monopolistic situation and that it is necessary to convince the legislators, the media. Or the users… not to mention the media coverage of certain lawsuits (that of Epic Games in the lead).



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