Love: this question has a search record on Google in 2021

Spring is indeed the season of love. With the arrival of sunny days, Google Data wondered what questions Internet users were asking about love. And if the requests on this subject have been declining for five years, according to the digital giant, Google users still need answers to their questions.

The most asked question may seem childish and does not yet have a fixed answer. “How do I know if I’m in love?” ask millions of people. On the search engine, there are 90 million answers to this quasi-existential question, which increased by 1000% between April 2021 and April 2022. Butterflies in the stomach, feeling of satiety, daydream? Love manifests differently in each of us.

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Demanding Singles

This is not the only question that torments Internet users. “How to say I love you” remains an eternal mystery with an increase of 58%. “When will I find love? “, she, interests the hearts to take, with a rise of 310% in the search engine. Those who go on dates want to put the odds on their side and look for “Funny Tinder bio” (+15%) or “Signs of a successful first date” (+69%)

And singles may be uncertain, but they’re still quite picky in their search for true love as they type in “HPI dating site” and “Tinder for celebrities” far more frequently than before. We can only advise them to go to Raya, the celebrity dating app. Around the world, the phrase “soul mate” was searched for more in 2021 than ever before, according to Google Trends’ annual report. Like “How to say I love you in sign language”, which has its record number of requests this year. The proof that we still believe in romanticism.

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