Lyon: Tony Parker and the succession of Aulas

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Very close to Jean-Michel Aulas, will Tony Parker succeed him as president of Olympique Lyonnais? In the immediate future, the former basketball player does not yet seem ready to take on this role.

“Succeed him? For the moment, no. Jean-Michel is a long-time friend, we are in the same family because OL Groupe has invested in my two basketball clubs: ASVEL men’s and ASVEL women’s. But Jean-Michel is the president, he plans to stay for a very long time. Me, I’m here to learn and I’m lucky to have someone like him to learn the business. I think he’s the most successful president over the past 30 years. What he has managed to build in Lyon is very strong”, first explained the quadruple NBA champion for BFM Business.

“Replace him one day? We’ll see. Me, I’m diverse, in several sectors. Education is close to my heart with my different academies. I don’t just invest in sport,” added Parker.

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