Thursday, November 24, 2022
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Manchester United soon to be sold by the Glazer family?

Will Manchester United change hands soon? Sky News revealed on Tuesday that the Glazer family, owners of the club, were considering several investment options. One of them is to sell MU directly. A press release published in the evening confirmed the intentions of the American, who was at the helm of the club for 17 years.

“The board will consider all strategic alternatives, including the arrival of a new investor, a sale or other transactions”, specifies the text published by the managers. They explain that they think about everything that can strengthen the club, whether it is in the stadium, the infrastructures, the commercial operation or the various academies.

Manchester United have not won the Premier League since 2013 and the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and the unpopularity of the Glazer family has only grown among Mancunian fans.




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