Marvin Martin empties his bag

A very closed circle. Like Fleury Di Nallo, Bafétimbi Gomis or even Zinedine Zidane, Marvin Martin scored twice during his first selection for the France A team. It was June 6, 2011 during a match against Ukraine. Entering a quarter of an hour from the end, the midfielder had scored two goals and delivered an assist that day. A dream start for the native of Paris who was thrilled. The press got carried away.

What’s next after this ad

The Parisian had even displayed his face on the front page with the following title: “Is he the new Zidane?”. Like others like Camel Meriem or Yoann Gourcuff, MM has therefore been compared to his idol. What he had welcomed at the time even if he did not really understand since Bafétimbi had done the same thing. But the comparison between him and Zizou was easy since the two men played in the same position.

A label that sticks to his jersey

Be that as it may, he experienced this media whirlwind serenely as he confessed to West France. “ The first time I saw it (la Une du Parisien, editor’s note) was on my phone. My relatives sent it to me. Honestly, I found it flattering. But it was too much. It was stupid. Useless. Very difficult. I had done nothing at the time. In addition, we are talking about Zidane huh. He was my idol, the one who made me love football, the one who made me want to become a professional.

He added : “The press likes to play this comparison game. As soon as there is a slightly technical number 10, we make the connection with Zizou. I’m neither the first nor the last, it’s part of the game (…) Really, it’s useless. You have to get it into your head that Zidane, there has only been one and there will only be one. Compare it to players, it’s super heavy. I was young, in full confidence with my little club of Sochaux, and they come to stick that on me. I would just have liked to be left alone, to be allowed to progress (…) I’m not the type to get carried away, because I’ve always been a reserved person. The less people talked about me, the better.”

Martin has fun in Hyères-Toulon

A label that unfortunately still sticks to the jersey of Marvin Martin, who had fifteen selections in total for the France team between 2011 and 2012 (2 goals). In hindsight, he would have done things differently. “I may have overprotected myself. Perhaps I should have simply assumed this status. Not to mention Zidane, eh, but my place in the France team. Say, “Yes, I’m here today. As Mbappé does, which can make him look arrogant but which, for me, shows confidence, strength. Me, I’ve always been afraid that people think I’m arrogant. I paid too much attention to my image. I think it did me a disservice, that I could have made it a strength, rather than protecting myself. »

Older now, the former Sochaux player is armored. However, he explained to West France that he was always having sex and that he was called Zizou. The middle prefers to laugh, he who evolves in N2 now. “Hyères-Toulon was an opportunity to see something else with a great sports project led by President Boudjellal, and a great living environment for the family. I intend to play as long as I feel like it, they want me and the body follows. It’s the pleasure of the game that keeps me going”. The best motivation for a Marvin Martin who has experienced hardships and injuries in recent years.

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