Maxime Grousset (3rd in 50m freestyle), saving jump-off: “That’s it, I could be on the podium”

A duel for a click. Maxime Grousset had already passed his Worlds, before his semi-final of the 50 meter freestyle, Thursday in Budapest. Credited with the eighth time tied with Bruno Fratus, the vice-world champion in the 100m had to go through a jump-off to reach the final. This tickled his competitive spirit and he broke his personal best, to dismiss the experienced Brazilian, bronze medalist over the distance at the last Olympic Games. This Friday, he continued his momentum and gleaned a new charm.
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Yesterday (Thursday, editor’s note), I do my best time under pressure (21″59), during a duel, there, I repeat (new personal best: 21″57), that’s the best I could do I think, on 50 meters”, enthused the 23-year-old Frenchman, after winning the bronze medal, at the microphone of France Télévisions. He insists, the direct opposition of the day before with Fratus changed the situation: “As if, that’s it, I could be on the podium. I was convinced.”

World’s Championships

Henique, joy, and more than that: “If you knew how hard it was”


Maxime Grousset at the 2022 World Swimming Championships

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“This year, we hardly worked on speed”

This feeling of being a survivor, of having known how to transcend his back to the wall – with the obligation to touch it first -, even gave rise to Grousset’s hope of a crowning surprise. “Maybe I even dreamed of becoming world champion“, conceded the last tricolor chance on this event, Florent Manaudou not having passed the milestone of the semis. The succession was therefore partly assured.

No regrets, however, in the light of the gap between Maxime Grousset and the British swimmer Benjamin Proud (1st in 21 “32), who therefore beat him by 25 hundredths. A world, on a simple crossing of the pool : “They were two faster than me tenths (Michael Andrew took silver in 21″41, editor’s note)I have things to look for.”

To get these famous things, Maxime Grousset will have to go through specific training: “I have to work on the 50m, this year, we worked mainly on the 100m and the 200m, we hardly worked on the speedso I’m quite surprised to be here today” In such a context, there is definitely something to be satisfied to leave, again, with a reward around the neck, even if it is not of the most beautiful metal: “I rediscover myself on 50 and I make a medal, I can only be happy.” Waiting for a new click to tickle him?

Dressel in record mode and Grousset surprising 4th: The 100m did not disappoint

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Grousset, time to shine

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World’s Championships

Henique, joy, and more than that: “If you knew how hard it was”


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