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Mercato: this is the big news for this Sunday at AS Saint-Etienne!

Relegated to Ligue 2, ASSE – AS Saint-Etienne and Loïc Perrin made a rather interesting start to the transfer window with the recruitment of Dylan Chambost, Jimmy Giraudon and Anthony Briançon. And yet, the numerous discussions around the future takeover of the Forez club do not really help the recruiters of the Greens of St Etienne to carry out their mission as well as possible at present.

According to information from our colleagues in the newspaper The Teamthe negotiations between the Caïazzo-Romeyer duo and the wealthy American businessman David Blitzer would have definitely broken off, and at present, the management of ASSE would not have received any official takeover offer!

However, the shareholders made a point of recalling via an official press release from ASSE that “their desire to sell the Club is irrevocable and that it will come to an end”, but also that “discussions are currently continuing with several candidate buyers via KPMG”. Can’t wait for this incredible soap opera to end, and on a very positive note, on the side of AS Saint-Etienne…

Regarding the sportsman, Laurent Battles would have targeted heavy for this transfer window and the leaders of Saint-Etienne should not delay in formalizing several new recruits in the days to come. To be continued…




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