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Model S from the Gigafactory in Berlin have failed engines

Bad news, Model Ys made at Tesla’s new Berlin factory have faulty motors.

Thanks to its brand new industrial complex in Berlin, You’re here secured a well-located European production site to produce and deliver its Model Ys. Unfortunately, not everything would go as planned. In fact, the site Electrek just reported that several electric SUVs produced at the Berlin gigafactory had failing engines. A situation that forced the American manufacturer to cancel deliveries of this vehicle.

Faulty motors on Tesla Model Ys at Berlin’s Gigafactory

All is not well at Tesla. While the American firm faces billions of dollars in losses, deliveries of Model S manufactured in the Berlin Gigafactory have just been canceled. Models produced by this recent industrial complex would have faulty engines. However, not all electric SUVs assembled there are affected by this interruption in deliveries.

In detail, we learn that several Model Y buyers have stated on automotive forums that Tesla informed them ofa delay in deliveries because of this problem. The manufacturer specifies that this is linked to the engine, but more precisely the “drive unit” of the electric SUV. Only Performance versions of Tesla’s Model Y would be affected. The cause of the failure is not yet known. For information, the drive units used at the Berlin Gigafactory for the Model Y come from the Shanghai Gigafactory. Therefore, the problem may come from this complex. Eventually, the Berlin factory intends to produce its own drive units.

This failure comes as Tesla was pleased in early June 2022 to produce 1,000 Model Y per week in its recent Gigafactory in Berlin. So far, no problems had been reported in this industrial complex. As for the recent Gigafactory in Austin, Texas (USA), the shortage of 4680 battery cells. As a reminder, the Berlin factory still uses 2170 cells for Model Y batteries.



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