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Monkey pox: a new variant of Monkeypox spotted in the United States, should we be worried?

monkey pox, should we be worried? Certainly you have already come across an article with a title as anxiety-inducing as it is quickly reassuring. Indeed, as impressive as it is, both in terms of symptoms (in particular the pustules) that at the level of the title, the transmission of the Monkeypox is difficult. Its mortality rate is very, very low. And the vaccine of “classic” smallpox remains very effective (85%).

Despite all these arguments, almost two and a half years of health crisis have taken their toll, and the slightest virus challenges. Monkeypox in the first place!

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Two variants, one strain

This Monday, the bar of 1,000 cases worldwide was reached. And the UNITED STATES announced the availability of 36,000 vaccines for people at risk after raising the level ofalert (2) which recommends, among other things, the wearing a mask for travellers.

Another piece of information also brings back bad memories: the circulation of two variants in European and non-endemic countries (i.e. where the sickness is not a epidemic). Information reported by the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States – and confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and taken up by Fox News.

Two variants that would descend from the same strain, that ofWest Africareputed to be less dangerous than that of congo for example. But which is manifested by symptoms just as spectacular: similar to the flu at first, before a terrible skin rash in a second.

A strain that had already been detected in previous years in the USA before the outbreak of cases around the world this year.



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