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Monkeypox: what new barrier gestures come into force in the United States with the transition to the second level of alert?

A level that involves “enhanced practice of precautions”. Here are which ones.

The monkey pox passed the 1,000 case mark on Monday. So, some countries have decided to move up a gear to fight – already – againstepidemic. Among them, the UNITED STATES. The USA has already announced that 36,000 vaccine doses anti-smallpox, 85% effective against Monkeypox, were available in national stocks. Vaccines for people at risk.

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“Practicing Enhanced Precautions”

But that’s not all, the United States and especially the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention – has raised its level ofalert about monkeypox. This Monday, the Monkeypox thus passed to level 2. A level which induces “a reinforced practice of precautions”or new barrier gestures.

In particular for travelers which must in particular avoid contacts with the sicktouch materials that may have been contaminated (such as sheets), no longer touch animals dead or wild, and eat meat undercooked.

Above all, the CDC now recommends that travelers wear a mask: “Wearing a mask can help protect you against many diseases, including monkeypox.”

u26a0ufe0fNEW—the CDC has raised the Alert Level of #Monkeypox to Level 2 over the weekend—warning: “Travelers should wear a mask. Wearing a mask can help protect you from many diseases, including monkeypox”

u27a1ufe0fWhy the heck was there no big CDC / media advisory on this?

excluding tax @mdc_martinus

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