MotoGP – Fabio Quartararo: “I made stupid mistakes” at the Dutch Grand Prix

On paper, Fabio Quartararo has everything to go on vacation with peace of mind. In fact, the Frenchman will probably need a little time to digest a Dutch Grand Prix during which nothing happened as he had imagined. Big favorite in Assen, the reigning world champion fell – twice – and grilled a joker before a long break of five weeks. Even if its margin of 21 points is still comfortable.

Dutch Grand Prix

Quartararo’s Two Falls, Espargaro’s Masterclass: The Race Summary


The gauge of confidence that he had constantly filled, first at the cost of serenity in all circumstances, then thanks to absolute control, may have ended up overflowing. On the oldest circuit of the World Cup, where he had already won last season, the Niçois was indeed the man to beat despite the sensational lap achieved by Francesco Bagnaia on Saturday in qualifying.

Quartararo became human again

This is perhaps the starting point of the disaster scenario he experienced on Sunday. After an average start, he saw the Italian try to escape to give himself a chance to resist the Frenchman. It was inconceivable for Quartararo, then third behind Aleix Espargaro. “I made a rookie mistake, I attacked like it was the last lap or the last cornerhe admitted afterwards. I shouldn’t have attacked like that on the 5th lap. These are stupid mistakes. But that’s how we learn.”

Fabio Quartararo on the ground after crashing during the Dutch Grand Prix race in Assen

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“El Diablo” suddenly became fallible again, after a series of six races where he had garnered 128 points out of a possible 150, while all his direct rivals – Espargaro, Bagnaia, Bastianini – had scuttled each other at least once. This Sunday, the roles were completely reversed, as the darling of Ducati won while the Aprilia rival managed an epic comeback, up to fourth place, after being dragged away by the fall of Quartararo.

Penalized at Silverstone

The winner today, it was him considering the rhythm he had“, admitted Quartararo at the microphone of Canal+. I apologized to him for my mistake. He had a great race“He will certainly be the man to watch in the second half of the season. Even if the World Cup leader refuses to focus his attention on a single rival.”I can’t answer this questionadded the 23-year-old pilot. At each race the opponent changes, we can clearly see that the level is very very high and that the first five or six will be the opponents“.

Quartararo, he will be alone against all in a second half of the season which has often been less successful for him than the first since he has been in MotoGP. Good news: the return to school will take place at Silverstone, a circuit he likes and where he won last season. Bad news: he will have to make a “long lap penalty” there after being sanctioned for his first mistake in Assen.

Dutch Grand Prix

Quartararo, a costly mistake: he will be penalized at Silvestone


Dutch Grand Prix

A nightmare race and a reduced lead: Quartararo lost big


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