Much too strong, the English won the Grand Slam and beat Les Bleues for the 10th time in a row… Relive this shock live

Here we are. As expected, the XV of France and England trampled on their four other opponents of the Tournament to meet in Bayonne this Saturday, Grand Slam in play. Even if the players of Annick Hayraud will be pushed by a Basque public in fusion, in a sold-out Jean-Dauger stadium, they will not leave with the favors of the forecasts. Far from there.

The Red Roses have won their last 22 gamesas well as their last nine confrontations with Les Bleues. To find traces of a French success, you have to go back to 2018, in Grenoble (18-17). It was during the Six Nations Tournament, and captain Gaëlle Hermet’s teammates had won their fifth and last Grand Slam to date.

>> Because we can’t dream of a better women’s rugby match, we meet at 3 p.m.

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