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my simple and effective method

When I got my Tesla Model 3, one of my first searches was about washing my car. I share with you today my “technique”, relatively simple and extremely effective.

Car wash or home?

Before starting this article, I specify that I am not a detailing professional, but simply someone demanding. My “method” is the sum of the information that I was able to cross and my own criteria:

  1. I don’t want to ruin myself with every wash, because I like a clean car, so I clean it regularly.
  2. I don’t want to have to renew a whole bunch of products; wax, cream, lotions, wipes, etc.
  3. I want my car to be flawless every time, easily.
  4. I have no problem having to wash it myself, if need be.

There are two schools of car washes: those who go to the car wash and those who do it all at home. Insofar as washing stations are equipped to treat dirty water, this is the option I preferred for ecological reasons. It’s also more comfortable.

I think it is very important to repeat from DO NOT ROLLER WASH YOUR CAR in order to avoid all the micro-scratches that they will cause on your varnish. If you’re very lazy and don’t like my method, at least find a contactless car wash, but don’t put your car through the rollers.

How do I wash my Tesla?

What I present today as “my method” is an adapted version of this video by John Cartester (which is the reference on YouTube, very simply). It is suitable for a very simple reason: he uses a whole bunch of products that I can do without.

However, I use two accessories to wash my car:

At the car wash, everything starts with a chemical pre-wash of the car, to help soften the insects present on the bumper and windscreen, as well as eliminate most of the dust present on the bodywork.

Then, my station is equipped with a “foam cannon” mode which does the job perfectly. If this mode did not exist, I would actually use a bottled product, such as Meguiars Wash Plus to obtain a thick cleansing foam.

Once the vehicle is covered in suds, I let it sit for a few seconds, then I take out my cleaning mitt and scrub all over, the old-fashioned way. In this way, I am sure that the car will be clean (since I insist where necessary) and that the paint (or the wrap) will not be damaged.

I ignore the high pressure rinse, since I myself scrubbed well, and I go to the box “rinse with demineralized water” insisting well everywhere. This is an opportunity to see if the vehicle is indeed very clean.

My wash is as fast as a “100% high pressure” wash, while being more efficient and less water-consuming. All that remains is to dry the car with a polishing cloth (which has the advantage of being very thick and absorbent).

I then go home to apply a Rain-X rain repellent coating to the windshield and front windows. When you do a lot of motorway driving, it’s incredibly comfortable not having to use the windscreen wipers (it’s effective from 90 km/h on my car).


As I told you, few products to buy, a controlled cost and no more time than a “traditional” wash, if we remove the horror of roller washing from the equation.

Indeed, it takes a little elbow grease, but it is certain that your car will be clean every time.



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