Nearly 25% of apps on the Google Play Store could disappear

Is a purge planned on the Google Play Store? This is what the CNET site provides, which announces that nearly 900,000 applications would be affected for security reasons.

The problem, which also concerns the Apple App Store, would be more important on the side of Google. On the side of Mountain View, 869,000 apps are considered “abandoned”, against 650,000 from Apple.

After two years without an update, apps are more vulnerable to security issues, which is why Apple and Google have introduced new policies in recent months that punish apps neglected by their developers.”, explains CNET.

If Apple has not yet detailed its measures, Google announces that applications that have not been updated for two years will be hidden and will no longer appear in search results. Developers would thus be able to “come back” to the Store by updating their app.

But as much on the side of Apple as on the side of Google, voices are already rising. For some developers, especially independent creators of video gamesit is sometimes difficult to keep up with updates, and this decision could have a significant impact on their business.

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