new leaks hint at its price and design

Leaks around Google’s first connected watch are increasing. New images of the “lost” Pixel Watch and information regarding its price have emerged.

Google should present its Pixel Watch at the I/O conference organized on May 11 and 12. However, the Mountain View company will not be able to count on the element of surprise when formalizing its watch. Corridor noises have been multiplying for a few months, until the discovery of a lost prototype in a restaurant. Earlier this week, we took stock of this case which allows us to know more about the probable first watch from Google.

The user who claims to have found this watch in a restaurant in the United States is back with new images. He posted a series of photos and wears the Pixel Watch on his wrist; which allows us to better imagine what the tocante looks like. We can see the watch’s silicone strap reminiscent of those of the Fitbit Charge 5 or the “Sport” straps of the Apple Watch. The resemblance to a Fitbit model comes as no surprise given that Google officially got its hands on the brand in January 2021.

These new shots confirm the curvaceous design of the watch; and Reddit user tagtech414 offers a first review. Accustomed to wearing a Galaxy Watch, he says he encountered some difficulties attaching the watch the first time. A question of habit according to the user who evokes a good support and affirms that it is about “the most comfortable watch that[il] has ever worn”. The curved rear face could explain this feeling, while the watch has a certain overweight. Its thickness would reach 12.7 mm in total, against 10.7 mm for an Apple Watch Series 7. Its diameter would be 38 mm.

© tagtech414/Reddit

A price comparable to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Apple Watch Series 7?

On Twitter, leaker Yogesh Brar is also trying to join the waltz of rumors. The following information should however be taken with some caution, coming from a qualified source of “relatively new”. The most interesting element concerning the price of the Google Pixel Watch which would be offered between 300 and 400 dollars. It would position itself at the level of its two announced rivals, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the Apple Watch Series 7. The search giant would offer two different watch sizes and “at least” four strap colors. Cross-checking this information with previous rumors, it seems that customization is one of the brand’s priorities.

The partnership with Samsung would allow the Pixel Watch to carry the same sensors as the latest Galaxy Watches. Nothing very surprising here for a high-end watch that wants to be complete. A GPS chip, a heart rate monitor, a blood oxygenation sensor (SpO2) or an electrocardiogram (ECG) would be included. As a reminder, the watch would be driven by a Samsung Exynos chip and not Snapdragon.

Finally, the leaker mentions a “limited release” which seems to indicate that Google plans to reserve its watch for certain markets. Google is used to adopting this strategy for its Pixels, as we have seen for the Pixel 5a which was never released in France. The Google I/O should help to see things more clearly.

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