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new recommendations for children


  • According to ANSES, the average intake of vitamin D from food in adults aged 18-79 is 3.1 µg/d.
  • The population dietary reference for vitamin D sets the requirement at 15 µg/d for adult men and women.

Up to the age of 18, your child must now be given a supplement of 400 to 800 International Units (IU) per day of vitamin D2 or D3, knowing that one IU is equivalent to 0.025 micrograms (µg) vitamin D. These are the new recommendations in France, which are aligned with those of other European countries.

According to age

According to’National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Anses), the average intake of vitamin D from food among the youngest is 5.2 micrograms per day (µg/d) for children aged 1 to 3, 2.6 µg/d for children aged 4 to 10 and 2.9 µg/d for children aged 11 to 17.

Vitamin D is very important for the general population and especially for children. This substance is essential for the proper functioning of our muscular, immune and bone systems… It allows, among other things, the fixation of calcium on the bones. In children, it is therefore first recommended to prevent the risk of rickets – a bone disease – and it also allows the good development of the bones. At the same time, it also contributes to good overall health, particularly from a cardiovascular point of view.

Not all children

Before, the old recommendations recommended vitamin D intake according to age. It is now over, all children under 18 must take a supplementation of 400 to 800 IU per day of vitamin D2 or D3. On the other hand, it is also advisable to favor vitamin D drugs over food supplements because they have higher concentrations, which increases the risk of overdose.

However, these new recommendations do not apply to all children. Those who follow a vegan diet, who have dark skin or, on the contrary, who never expose themselves to the sun, as well as those who are obese, should take 800 to 1600 IU of vitamin D2 or D3 per day.



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