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new sales record in the third quarter of 2021!

241,300: the number of vehicles delivered worldwide by Tesla in 13 weeks. A new feat for the American firm. The manufacturer announces that it has sold 20% more cars despite the shortage of chips.

You’re here never ceases to surprise his world. Not its increasingly numerous customers, but other manufacturers, particularly European ones. Indeed, the American firm unveiled its sales on the third quarter 2021. And this 20% increase compared to the previous three months does not seem to be affected by the shortage of semiconductors, which has been visible for more than a year.

At the top of the hierarchy

Contrary to General Motors or Stellantis, Tesla is a hit and is not forced. The other brands mentioned will have to close factories for lack of electronic chips. According to the latest forecasts from firm IHS Markit, 10.6 million vehicles are not expected to be produced this year. This huge shortfall is to be added to the increasingly long delivery times.

Tesla delivered 241,300 vehicles worldwide within 13 weeks. It is one of the few to record an increase in sales over the year. As a reminder, this number rose to 201,250 cars in the second half and 185,000 in the first three months of the year. The increase calls out all the more so as the Model S and Model Xmore expensive and aging, represent only 9,275 units between July and September.

Model Y, future bestseller?

Of the 241,300 cars sold in the third quarter of 2021, 232,025 are either Model 3 or Model Y. Add to that that the last named has just made itself available on the European market. The production keep pace with 237,823 vehicles createdor 15% more than from April to June 2021. We therefore understand how much the American manufacturer attracts investors and is listed on the stock market…

Elon Musk must be rubbing their hands since this excellent dynamic does not seem to want to stop. Today, most Tesla models are built usingFremont plant in California. From the October 7if all goes well, a new “ gigafactory will open in Berlin to produce cars and batteries directly on the Old Continent.

The objective of Tesla and its boss was known to all: to increase its deliveries by 50% every year or so. Get closer to million cars sold over a year should, with the arrival of the Model Y, be possible from 2022.

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