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Deaths of migrants: thousands of Spaniards in the streets. Twenty-three people died a week ago in Melilla when 2,000 migrants tried to cross the fences at the entrance to the Spanish enclave in Morocco. On Friday, demonstrations in fifty cities in Spain took place demanding explanations. “Moroccan authorities have only confirmed the death of 23 people who were allegedly crushed in the corridors of the Chinatown border crossing, but several organizations put the figure at 37”signals El País. “We demand an independent investigation that clarifies the deaths that have occurred”, said a protester, survivor of the stampede. El País says that since the tragedy, Morocco has prevented journalists and associations from accessing the Hassani hospital where the wounded are being treated. 133 migrants managed to cross the border. “All asylum seekers and most from Sudan, they are the voice of those who failed to cross and those who disappeared without a trace, but also the voice of a generation of Africans”explains the daily, quoting Hussein, in the Plaza de Espana in Madrid: “we ask the international community to change the future of Africa”.

Russian strike kills at least 21 in Odessa. The attack took place overnight from Thursday to Friday. A child is among the deceased. Thirty-nine people were also injured. Two Russian missiles hit an apartment building and a sports center. “Terror is a common Russian tactic. First they cover up their criminal acts with a gesture of goodwill and then they attack one of our towns.”denounced Kyrylo Tymoshenko, an adviser to President Zelensky, quoted by the washington post. The daily believes that Mr Tymoshenko is referring to the withdrawal of Russian troops from Serpents’ Island when he talks about “goodwill gesture”.

Google will erase history related to abortion. The Internet giant announced on Friday that it would automatically erase all traces of a search for an abortion clinic, a shelter for battered women or other sensitive places. A decision related to the questioning of the federal right to abortion by the Supreme Court of the United States. This information can indeed be used by the authorities of the States which will soon ban abortion to find women who have undergone the procedure. “However, the company keeps a lot of other data about your activities”warns The Vergegiving YouTube searches as an example.

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