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Nexo in the middle of a storm? The platform defends itself against anonymous accusations

Pamphlet – Cryptocurrency lending platform Nexo is responding to a smear campaign orchestrated by an anonymous Twitter account against the company and its founder.

“Donations for sick children, damn it”: Nexo under fire

The cup is full, or almost, for Nexo. A person or group with a Twitter account known as Otter lead a hard life to the cryptocurrency lending platform for a few days.

Pleading, an argument that aims to be objective and supported by evidence, an accusatory tone… Through a series of June 26 posts, Otter turned Twitter into a semblance of a court of law to conduct his prosecution against Nexo.

The charge: the founder of the company and his family embezzled the donations originally intended for a charity for sick children. Although such a charge is already enough to outrage the audience, Otter nevertheless continues its momentum, declaring that these funds were used to the construction of a “PALACE”.

He develops his argument by starting by mentioning the names of the founders of Nexo: Kosta Kanchev, Antoni Trenchev, and Georgi Shulev. Otter continues his indictment by unearthing some elements of the past of the three Bulgarians which would support the accusations.

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“Big lie” and “ridiculous allegations”: Nexo breaks its silence

I call to the bar! The twitto, who for the time of his tweets donned the robe of a magistrate, later cites research from 2020 by Bulgarian journalists who allegedly uncovered a scandal affecting the charity HelpKarma, whose activities focus on health children.

To add grist to his mill, Otter highlights Office research of investigative reports and data that would have uncovered a misuse of donations : “the purchase of real estate, lavish personal trips, etc. “.

The Bureau would also have discovered that Kosta Kantchev’s father was installed on the board of directors of HelpKarma in March 2018. The temptation was too strong, Otter could not ignore the first ICO of Nexo which took place… in March 2018.

The noose seems to be tightening around Kosta Kantchev, whose cousin would be the founder of HelpKarma. To deliver the final blow, Otter mentions the organization raising several million dollars, which would then have ” distributed huge commissions to dad and cousin.

“Amazing salaries to his acolytes, with a monthly salary of 50,000 dollars while the average salary in Sofia, Bulgaria, is 1,000 dollars”points out Otter.

The floor is now on the defence. Nexo has published two articles on the Nexo website, to make its voice heard and to shed light on these allegations by refuting point by point the statements of the accuser. The loan platform refutes these accusationscalling them a “big lie” and “sensationalism”.

The response from the lending platform is accompanied by a letter of formal notice to try to prevent this anonymous Twitter account from damaging the reputation of the company and its founder.

Nexo would have done without these aggressive tweets in the midst of bear markets, a context that has raised the temperature within its competitor Celsius.

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